Airlines asked not to suffocate

Авиакомпании попросили не душнить

Rosaviation and Rostransnadzor sent a recommendation to domestic carriers to disembark passengers in case of stuffiness in the cabin. The recommendation is the response of the aviation authorities to the high–profile death of a passenger on an Aeroflot flight from Bangkok to Krasnoyarsk on March 26.

Recall that due to technical problems, the passengers of this flight spent several hours in the stuffy cabin of the aircraft. One man was hospitalized and later died in the hospital. Now, according to the norms of Rostransnadzor, the permissible air temperature on board should be from 20 to 25 degrees. If the crew is unable to maintain these parameters after boarding, passengers must be promptly dropped off at the terminal building. Currently, there is no requirement in the air legislation for acceptable values of temperature on board, so airlines are recommended to fix these standards in their internal documents. Of course, it would be more logical to fix the permissible air temperature values on board passenger ships in federal aviation regulations and with sensitive penalties for violations, but at least so far.

After these recommendations became known, a dispute broke out in the expert community about whether the fight against stuffiness would affect the increase in air ticket prices. It is noted that, most likely, an increase of 5-7% may affect charter flights – they are very often delayed, and passengers are kept on planes, despite the stuffiness. Rosaviation does not agree with this forecast, since the cost of additional power supply for air conditioning of an aircraft standing on the tarmac is insignificant in the overall cost structure of the flight. We will soon find out which of them is right.

Meanwhile, the FAS is checking the facts of a sharp increase in the cost of air tickets (according to Rosstat, the cost of an economy class flight in Russia in February 2024 increased by 42% compared to February 2023) and has requested justification from Aeroflot, Pobedy, Ural Airlines, NordWind, Smartavia and Utair the applicable pricing policy. FAS believes that airlines need to adjust pricing to ensure the availability of air transportation.

While everyone was waiting for the imminent opening of Krasnodar airport, Rosaviation is opening Elista airport. He resumed work on May 3. And Krasnodar and 9 other airports in the south and center of Russia are still closed.

On the “Turkishas” to Mexico

The epic continues with the non-admission of Russians on Turkish Airlines flights from Istanbul to Latin American countries. ATOR (Association of Tour Operators of Russia), analyzing the latest high-profile case when the tour operator’s clients (TO) lost a tour for 45 thousand dollars (for more information, see “AN” No. 15), found out that the Russians were being crossed off the passenger list by employees of the Turkish private company Gzen Security, to which Turkish outsourced the issues of assessing the likelihood of deportation (for airline account) of a customer by the Mexican Border Service. “The problem of illegal migration to the United States through Latin American countries is not new. But now, as a result of the authorities of the border control of a foreign state actually arbitrarily appropriated by the Turkish airline and the arbitrary refusal of paid transportation services, real tourists are also suffering, who for one reason or another may simply not like the employee at the counter in Istanbul. Including honest clients of tour operators with all the necessary documents, with expensive hotels and round-trip tickets paid for, even in business class. Now flying to Mexico or South America on Turkish Airlines is a big risk for them, and most importantly, it is not calculated in any way,” sums up the director of the injured airline Artur Muradyan.

Another big story happened last week. A man who flew specifically to Madonna’s concert was not allowed on the plane from Istanbul to Cancun. Neither return tickets nor hotel reservations helped the Madonna fan. According to the media, with reference to an allegedly anonymous employee of Turkish Airlines, those passengers who had previously requested a US visa and were refused are being removed from flights to Latin America.

Russian diplomats joined the conflict situation and asked the Turkish Foreign Ministry for clarification. The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that this problem is not political, but economic, deal with the airline yourself. The Russian Embassy in Turkey recommended that Russians consider refusing the services of Turkish Airlines, and in case of refusal to board a flight, file a lawsuit (at the place of residence) against the airline with a request for compensation for material and moral damage caused by the actions of the air carrier. The information reached the Mexican Foreign Ministry, and they said they were in talks with the Turkish government and the airline to try to find a solution to this problem. At the same time, the Mexican Foreign Ministry said that for Russians to enter, it is enough to obtain a tourist visa, have with them the necessary package of documents and proof of financial viability.

The only result of all this concern and diplomatic notes is that Turkish Airlines has stopped selling single tickets (purchased with one booking) from Russia to Mexico. All previously sold tickets issued by a single booking will be cancelled. Both a route change and a full refund are available to customers. It must be assumed that the situation is still far from being resolved, if at all possible. We’ll be watching.

St. Petersburg metro to the airport

As you know, Vladimir Putin instructed the government of the Northern Capital to finally determine the construction dates, volume and sources of financing for high-speed passenger communication facilities with Pulkovo Airport, including through the extension of metro lines. However, when journalists asked the chairman of the city transport committee, Valentin Enokaev, when the metro line would reach the airport, the answer was very evasive: “The general Plan of the city provides for the development of the metro, and time will tell how the transport connection will look further. In the current conditions, transport links are provided at a fairly high level, and 20 minutes from the airport to the nearest metro is fast enough.”

Not statistics, but trends

One of the domestic travel planning services conducted an interesting study – analyzed the booking of air tickets for the summer of 2024 and compared them with data for the same period in 2019, that is, before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. We will not introduce you to the entire study, but only note one, correctly, in our opinion, indicated trend.

The researchers note that Azerbaijan turned out to be the leader in popularity growth, where more than 10 times more air tickets were bought for this summer than for the summer of 2019 (the share is 16.0% versus 0.9%). According to AN-Tourism, the point here is not the sudden love of Russians for summer holidays on the shores of the Caspian Sea, but the fact that AZAL – Azerbaijan Airlines offers transit routes that are competitive compared to Turkish or Armenian connections.

The 30 coolest streets in the world

We continue the analysis of the rating of the 30 coolest city streets in 2024 from Time Out, which was started in “AN” No. 14. According to the magazine, these streets are full of cultural and nightlife, the best bars, cafes, restaurants, unique, interesting shops and shops are concentrated there. In the previous part, we compared the magazine’s selection with the impressions of “EN-Tourism” in those cities of the rating where we visited: Rua da Boavista in Lisbon (7th place), Consell de Cent Avenue in Barcelona (10th place), Oranienstrae in Berlin (12th place).

In 13th place in the Time Out ranking is Fifth Avenue in New York. But this is not the famous Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, one of the most famous, respectable and expensive streets in the world, but Fifth Avenue in another area of the city, Park Slope in Brooklyn. I’ve been to the real Fifth Avenue, AN-Tourism, but I wasn’t even going to Brooklyn, this is already a plan for probably the tenth visit to the Big Apple. According to Time Out, Fifth Avenue in Park Slope is famous for regular community festivals, restaurants, indie shops and creative spaces.

In 15th place is East 3rd Street in Los Angeles. Geographically, it is located next to (by LA standards) Downtown skyscrapers and the traditional tourist attraction area of Little Tokyo. There was an AN-Tourism in both places, and I didn’t even think about walking along East Third Street. According to Time Out, this once industrial area with brick factories and warehouses began to turn into an area with art galleries and Michelin restaurants ten years ago, and the street itself is famous for colorful frescoes and pink flowering trees.

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