Real Estate in Turkey Detailed guide

Недвижимость в Турции Подробный путеводитель

Over the past 10 years, Turkey has become the number one destination not only for those who want to buy a summer house or apartment by the sea, but also for investors seeking to receive passive income from renting real estate abroad.

Affordable prices, excellent infrastructure, a wide selection of objects of various price categories, excellent climatic conditions, high rental yields and maximum transparency of transactions — this is all about real estate in Turkey!

Before buying property abroad, it is necessary to study not only the offers on the local market, but it is also important to understand your rights and obligations. In this article you will find answers to all questions and will be as ready as possible to purchase a house or apartment of your dreams on the Turkish coast!

Review of the article:

  1. Who can buy real estate in Turkey and where.
  2. Types of layouts and types of real estate.
  3. What documents are required for the purchase of real estate.
  4. The process of registration of real estate ownership and expenses.

Who can buy real estate in Turkey and where?

Foreign citizens can buy real estate in Turkey since 2003, but until 2012, the so-called principle of “reciprocity” was in effect, according to which a citizen of another country could purchase such real estate in Turkey as the Turks themselves could buy in his country.

To date, this principle has been abolished for citizens of 129 countries, including citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries.

There are only a few limitations:

  1. A foreign buyer cannot acquire ownership of a plot of more than 30 hectares.
  2. Facilities and land in strategically important areas of Turkey are not subject to sale.
  3. Citizens of Russia and Ukraine cannot purchase real estate in the border territories, in such areas of the Black Sea coast as the cities of Samsun, Trabzon, Zonguldak, etc.

These restrictions are not a big problem for foreign buyers, as the Antalya region is particularly popular with them: real estate in Antalya and Alanya.

What kind of property is for sale in Turkey?

Real estate in Turkey can surprise even the most demanding buyer, here you can find objects of all kinds and for any budget! In order to better navigate the offers on the market, it is important to understand what kind of object is being offered to you.

Currently, the hottest offers in Turkey are apartments in complexes with rich infrastructure. Buyers of apartments in such complexes usually get access to the swimming pool (outdoor / indoor), sauna, hammam, gym, SPA area, barbecue area and common areas for relaxation.

The use of the infrastructure for the residents of the complex is free, you only need to pay a monthly aidat (tour. Aidat — a fee for the maintenance of the complex). It is set at a meeting of homeowners and varies depending on how rich the infrastructure is in your complex.

Important! When buying a property, you may be confused by the area of apartments in Turkey: one thing is stated on paper, but in real life you see much less… Deception? Rather, it is a feature of Turkish legislation!

In Turkey, the area of the apartment is calculated along the outer perimeter of the walls, this also includes the area of the terrace / balcony. In addition, a part of the landing and corridor is taken into account here, which is divided equally between the owners.

Sometimes it’s a bit of a puzzle to figure out which area in an apartment is net (residential) and which is gross (total)! The obvious way out is to come and watch in person, so that you don’t feel sad about the “stolen” square meters later.

The most popular apartment layouts in Turkey:

  1. Apartments 0+1 or studio. It is a very rare layout today, since since July 1, 2017, the construction of studios has been legally prohibited in Turkey. The minimum layout since 2017 is a one—bedroom apartment (in Turkish ‑ 1 + 1) with an area of at least 28 sq. m.
  2. Apartments 1+1. The Turkish equivalent of the Russian “two-piece. With rare exceptions, this is one bedroom, a living room combined with a kitchen, a bathroom, a bathroom and a balcony / terrace. It is suitable for families without children or for pensioners who came to Turkey during the winter season.
  3. Apartments 2+1. Spacious apartments with two bedrooms and a living room, which is combined with a kitchen. Bathroom, bathroom and balcony/terrace. A great option for families with children or buyers who appreciate space.

Important! Many realtors and Turks themselves call apartments in Turkey apartments. This should not scare you, because in Turkey there are no such differences between these two concepts, as, for example, in Russia. To buy an apartment in Turkey means to buy an apartment, just using a synonym.

By this analogy, other offers can be found in the Turkish real estate market: 3+1, 4+1, 5+1 and so on, where the first digit is the number of bedrooms, the second one indicates a living room with a kitchen. In some exceptions, the kitchen is separated from the living room, but such objects are rather an exception. If desired, you can make a redevelopment, especially if you are buying a property in Turkey at the excavation stage.

In addition to standard layouts, duplex type facilities are very popular in Turkey. These are large duplex apartments, the area varies from 110 to 215 sq. m.

There are two types of duplexes:

  1. Upper duplex — you enter the first floor of the apartment, where there is a living room and a kitchen, a guest bathroom, and then go up to the second floor, where there are bedrooms and a master bathroom with a bathroom.
  2. The lower duplex or “reverse” — the entrance door is located on the second floor of the apartment, where there is also a living room with a kitchen, a guest bathroom, and on the lower floor there are bedrooms and an additional bathroom and a bathroom.

There are usually several balconies/terraces in both configurations. Duplexes are usually located on the middle and upper floors.

There are two special types of duplexes:

  1. The penthouse is a duplex located on the top floors of the complex. One of the advantages is an extensive terrace with a place to relax and barbecue, a beautiful view of the mountains or the sea. Usually such duplexes are more expensive than other layouts in the house.
  2. Bahçe duplex (tour. Bahçe — garden) — duplexes located on the lower floors of the complex. They have a small territory and access to the garden, sometimes with a separate entrance to the apartment.

Advice! If you have looked at an object for yourself, but it does not fit into your budget, then you can apply for a mortgage in a Turkish bank or installments from a developer for a new building.

Mortgages are given to foreign citizens on the same grounds as Turks. The rate varies from 7% to 10% per annum (in euros), the initial payment is from 30% of the cadastral value of the object. A mortgage can be issued in any currency (euros, dollars, lira and even rubles).

Many developers offer interest-free installments for the entire period of construction of the complex, if you buy an apartment in a house at the stage of excavation or construction.

Do you want more privacy and silence? There is a large selection of villas and townhouses in Turkey. As a rule, villas and townhouses are located in gated complexes, where there is also a public infrastructure: a swimming pool (outdoor / indoor), sauna, hammam, gym, SPA area, barbecue area and common areas for relaxation. It is very common to find private pools in the villas. On average, the area of villas and townhouses ranges from 150 to 300 sq. m.

What documents are required to purchase real estate?

The most common question is what documents do foreigners need to buy real estate in Turkey?

The answer is simple: your passport (for residents of the Russian Federation) or other document certifying the identity of a citizen when traveling abroad (for residents of CIS countries).

Недвижимость в Турции Подробный путеводитель

The process of registration of real estate ownership

Let’s look at a detailed plan of the real estate purchase process in Turkey. It can be divided into the following stages:

Step one. The choice of real estate and agency / developer.

There are now a huge number of agencies and developers in Turkey that offer facilities all along the coast. How to choose the right reliable partner who will not only help you choose the apartment or villa of your dreams, but also will not leave you at the stage of paperwork and hassle after purchase? A few simple tips:

  1. Study the reviews on the Internet, pay special attention to video reviews, because you can write anything and on behalf of anyone.
  2. Ask the agency or the developer for documents for the right to conduct business in Turkey. Samples of diplomas of Turkish realtors can be found on the Internet.

    Important! Beware of scammers and non-professionals. Real estate in Turkey attracts an incredible number of people who want to receive an agency commission from the sale of real estate: up to 10% of the value of the object! Any waiter, taxi driver or blogger will offer apartments and villas to you. Such transactions are fraught with the fact that you will be sold an apartment without technical documents or a new building that will never be completed. According to Turkish law, only realtors, agencies and developers with state diplomas can engage in real estate activities!

  3. Visit the Turkish real estate exhibition in Moscow on Tishinka. Four times a year, the largest real estate agencies and developers from Turkey are waiting for you at the Property Show and InvestShow to meet with buyers and talk about their projects. Many have been participating for more than 10 years and offer special discounts and bonuses for visitors. Admission to such events is free.
  4. Talk to a representative of the agency or developer. If you are persistently offered options that do not suit you, choose another agency. A good realtor will look for an apartment that is suitable for you, and not from which he will receive a large commission.

Step two. Sightseeing tour.

Many agencies and developers offer a sightseeing tour service — this is a trip to get acquainted with real estate and the city in which you choose a property. Such trips usually last 3-4 days, and during this time you will be able to view several pre-selected options.

It is better to plan a sightseeing tour in the “low” season, when you can see the real picture of the city and you will not be disturbed by the heat or the influx of tourists. Combining a sightseeing tour and rest, as well as taking children with you is not recommended, you will see several complexes and facilities per day, possibly in different parts of the city. Such a process can be quite tedious.

Advice! For a sightseeing tour, it is better to choose an agency rather than a developer. The agency will show you apartments that suit your needs, representatives of the developer will focus mainly on their complexes, and you may not see the objects that are suitable for you. In addition, during the sightseeing tour, you should not “chase two birds with one stone” and work with several agencies at once: everyone has the same base of facilities (for example, in Alanya), and you will only waste your time.

Step three. Reservation of the object.

Have you chosen the apartment or villa of your dreams? Great! It’s time to make a deposit and fix the price. What is it for?

Firstly, real estate in Turkey is in great demand now and good offers are disappearing very quickly. Secondly, the lira exchange rate has been quite unstable in recent years, as has the ruble exchange rate in Russia, and materials and the cost of work services in Turkey are getting more expensive every year.

By making a deposit and concluding a purchase and sale agreement, you fix the price of your object. Pay attention to the contract itself, it is usually drawn up in two languages: Turkish and the buyer’s language. The contract must also specify the payment terms, separately prescribe the deposit, which must be deducted from the total cost of the object.

Advice! Don’t forget to bargain, tell the realtor about your options and ask for a discount or bonus when buying a property. In new buildings, it can be a kitchen set or household appliances. Turkey is a colorful eastern country, you can and should bargain here!

Important! The deposit is usually 1000 euros (or the equivalent of this amount in another currency) and is non-refundable. The contract of sale, even certified by a notary, is not a document confirming the right to own real estate, but only records your intention to purchase it and the obligations of the parties.

Step four. Registration of the property.

Before you register a property, you need to prepare a number of documents, but do not worry, it will take a maximum of several working days. In addition to a foreign passport, you may need:

  1. Tax number in Turkey. This is a mandatory requirement for the purchase of real estate by a foreigner. It opens in a couple of minutes at the district office of the tax inspectorate. A realtor can help you open it.
  2. A bank account. You can open an account in a Turkish bank, for this you need to provide a passport and a photocopy of it, a Turkish INN and a copy of an internal passport with registration at the place of residence. You will also need a bank account if you plan to obtain a residence permit in Turkey, as well as pay for utilities without commission. If desired, the transaction can be paid from your account in the country of residence to the seller’s account.
  3. Don’t you want to do this? You can issue a power of attorney to the manager you work with, he will do everything necessary for you. The cost of obtaining a power of attorney is 100-150 euros.

In Turkey, there is a title system for registration of real estate ownership and the Cadastral Office is engaged in this — it is a single center for registration of real estate and land plots. The Cadastral Office will give you a TAPU — this is a document that guarantees your right to property. This is your main and most important document for an apartment!

Before issuing a TAPA, an apartment or villa is checked by an independent expert who is appointed by the department to check the facility for compliance with all norms of Turkish legislation.

Before receiving the TAPU, the property and related taxes must be paid in full. The range of services related to obtaining TAPU (cadastral fee, translation services) will cost about 300 euros. A one-time tax on the purchase of real estate is also paid, in Turkey it is equal to 4% of the cadastral value of the object.

If you plan to buy in installments or a mortgage, then an encumbrance will be added to the certificate of ownership, which can be removed after paying the entire amount for the property.

Important! If Turkish is not your native language or you are not fluent in it, then in The Cadastral Office requires the presence of a state or notarized translator. This is necessary in order for the transaction to be as transparent as possible and your interests to be protected. The services of an interpreter are usually paid for by the buyer of the property.

In the Cadastral Office, the seller of real estate, the buyer’s representative, the notary (state) translator and the buyer meet. All information about real estate, as well as about past and current owners, is entered into the TAPU. The deadline for receiving the TAPU is up to 5 working days from the date of registration of your application in Management.

Step five. Execution of a contract for the provision of public services.

The final step is the conclusion of contracts for the provision of public services (water, electricity, gas, telephone, Internet) to the new owner. As a rule, your realtor helps with this and there are no special problems here.

If you bought a new building, then the cost of connecting services will be about 200-300 euros, if for a secondary one, then you will need to pay about 100-150 euros for the renewal of the contract.

In addition to contracts for communications, in Turkey, compulsory insurance of real estate against natural disasters is DASK. The cost of registration is from 15 to 150 euros.

Important! If you have purchased an apartment in a new building, then you need to get a Ferdi Iskan — this is a technical passport for an apartment, it is issued in the district municipality, the cost of registration is from 300 to 1000 euros (depends on the characteristics of the object).

There are two types of iskan in Turkey: Genel Iskan — issued for the whole house and allows you to carry out the necessary communications to the complex and Ferdi Iskan — an individual technical passport of the apartment. If you buy a secondary one, then the Ferdi Iskan should already be issued and simply transferred to you along with the TAPU.

Congratulations, now you are the lucky owner of real estate in Turkey!

Advice! Remember that for your peace of mind, you need to pay taxes and utilities on time, as well as properly maintain your property to avoid mold and dampness. A management company can help you with this, which will take care of all the hassle of maintaining your facility in perfect condition, and can also rent it out in your absence. Ask your manager what conditions they can offer for managing your apartment.

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