Meters of success. How to choose commercial real estate in St. Petersburg

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Метры успеха. Как выбирать коммерческую недвижимость в Петербурге

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    Real estate for a successful business — what should it be like? What you need to remember when choosing commercial premises for investment and work, we will tell you in this article. At the same time, we will give examples of interesting office spaces that are available for purchase in St. Petersburg.

    What to pay attention to

    The first and most important thing for experienced investors and business owners is location. The connection is obvious: the more prestigious the place, the higher the status of the company. Accessibility of all types of transport also plays an important role. It should be convenient for everyone: both future residents and their clients.

    Another important criterion is the security of the transaction. The most reliable option is when the object has already been built. This is convenient: immediately after purchase, you can make repairs and make a profit from renting. Or move to a new office and start working if commercial real estate is purchased for your own needs.

    In the third place, you can put such an item as buying directly from the developer. The purchase of an object from a construction company indicates that the office property is new, which means it is liquid.

    It is particularly worth focusing on the quality of the premises itself, the decoration of common areas, engineering, building materials used, and commercial real estate management. Every investor, investing a lot of money in the purchase, must be sure that he acquires an object that will grow in price and which, if necessary, can be easily resold. And this directly depends on the characteristics of the building listed above.

    Underground Parking, surface Parking nearby, developed infrastructure around — all these are advantages in the overall “piggy bank” of the advantages of the object for investment. They form a modern business environment that meets the high demands of the metropolis.

    Where to look for a dream office

    In the current commercial real estate market of St. Petersburg, there are not so many options that would combine all the above criteria: top location, initial purchase, modern “stuffing”, etc. We are not talking about the possibility of a wide selection of such lots at all — this is very rare. But if you look closely at the proposals of developers, then you can find suitable examples.

    One of them is the project “Count Orlov. Moscow. The first line” on Moskovsky Prospekt, 183-185. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it combines an elite residential complex and a modern business center. The house has already been commissioned and occupied, but today there is a certain pool of commercial premises that can still be bought. Let’s talk about them in a little more detail.

    The first type of lots are offices on 3-5 floors of the business center. For sale premises ranging from 300 to 878 sq. m. with ceilings of 3.3 m. Commercial real estate is sold with pre-finishing. The owners will be able to redevelop, as the building was built using modern brick-monolithic technology with the use of load-bearing structures in the form of columns and pylons. The panoramic windows of the offices overlook Moskovsky Prospekt or the elegant promenade of the Graf Orlov residential complex. The large glazing area combined with high ceilings ensures maximum natural light.

    Метры успеха. Как выбирать коммерческую недвижимость в Петербурге

      The stylish interiors of the halls are made using high-quality finishing materials. There are silent high-speed elevators in each wing of the business center. The building has a heated parking lot.

      The status of the facility corresponds to professional management, which includes access control, security services, concierge service and cleaning of common areas. Modern engineering is installed in the business center.

      The second type of lots is two—level premises for free use with separate entrances from the 1st floor. They are located along Moskovsky Prospekt. They can be used for any form of street retail: shops, pharmacies, beauty salons, etc. The premises have the following characteristics: the height of the first floor is 4.7 m, the basement is 2.82 m. The area of the lots is from 170 to 278.4 sq.m. The price per square meter at the time of publication is from 186,500 rubles*. The commercial premises overlook Moskovsky Prospekt.

      “Count’s” privileges

      The project with a central focus on the spectacular arch has a unique look, referring to the St. Petersburg architectural traditions. Let’s focus on its main advantages. The first of them, of course, is the location on the first line of Moskovsky Prospekt, one of the main thoroughfares of St. Petersburg. This is exactly the case when the place decides everything. Judge for yourself:

        Moskovskaya metro station — 300 m (3 minutes); City center — 10 km (15-20 minutes); Exit to the ring road and ZSD — 2 km (3 minutes); Pulkovo Airport — 10 km (15-20 minutes); Exit to the M-11 Neva highway — 18 km (20-25 minutes).

      Метры успеха. Как выбирать коммерческую недвижимость в Петербурге

        Nearby are the world-famous St. Petersburg suburbs: Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Gatchina, Peterhof. Within walking distance are the sights of the Moskovsky district: Victory Park, Moskovskaya Square, the Russian National Library, the Chesma Church, the famous Leningrad Pirozhkova in Stalin’s “high—rise”, the historical multimedia park “Russia — my Story”, etc.

        The residential complex boasts a well-developed infrastructure: there are many shopping centers, restaurants, sports facilities, prestigious schools, public and private kindergartens nearby.

        Without exaggeration, commercial real estate here will be a good liquid asset for both the investor and the owner of any business.

        *The promotion is organized by L1 Construction Company No. 1 LLC. Legal address: 196233, St. Petersburg, Ordzhonikidze street, 52 letter a, room 92-n office 4. INN: 7810269443. OGRN: 1027804853559. CHECKPOINT: 781001001. The dates of the promotions are from May 1 to May 31, 2025. The promotion applies to the sale of premises from 274.87-278.4 sq. m. The number of premises is limited. You can find out more about the organizer of the promotion, the rules of its conduct, the amount of discounts and deadlines on the website or by phone: 8 (812) 305 33 55.

        The photos were provided by L1 Construction Company No. 1.

        L1 Construction Company No.1, LLC, INN: 7810269443

        Метры успеха. Как выбирать коммерческую недвижимость в Петербурге

        Photo: jacoblund/istockphoto

        Метры успеха. Как выбирать коммерческую недвижимость в Петербурге

        Метры успеха. Как выбирать коммерческую недвижимость в Петербурге


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