France’s Top regions for real Estate investments in 2024

Топ регионов Франции для инвестиций в недвижимость в 2024 году

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  1. Price dynamics by region
  2. Paris
  3. Cote d’Azur
  4. The French Alps

France is one of the oldest real estate markets in Europe and the world. As the second economy in the Eurozone, it provides stability and security for real estate investors. Buying a home in France is the first step of integration into traditional European society and investing in a long—term connection with its culture and values.

Price dynamics by region

Real estate experts in France (FNAIM) note a decrease in average monthly prices by 0.3% in 2023 after record levels in 2021, which is attributed to higher prices for raw materials and new environmental laws, but annual statistics show an increase at the national level of 6.3%. During the year, a 2% drop in prices was observed in Paris and Lyon, as well as a decrease in Nantes and Toulouse. However, ski and seaside resorts have consistently high rates of price growth, which have an annual increase of more than 10%.

At this stage, post-market trends continue to have an impact on real estate prices in France (FNAIM). According to experts, after the pandemic, investors prefer suburbs and medium-sized cities to buy a home. Residents are highly motivated to move from cities to greener and quieter areas.

In a recent study conducted by the University of Paris and King’s College London, some Parisians believe that the cost of living in the city is significantly higher than the average level of prosperity. Against the background of this trend, the purchase of small apartments in the center for rent to tourists and students has become increasingly in demand among investors.

Another price factor is the decrease in demand for real estate in France in 2022 relative to the record figures of 2021. According to the General Council for Environment and Sustainable Development (CGEDD), sales of existing homes in France decreased by 6.1% compared to the same period of the previous year. The number of transactions in 2022 amounted to 1.109 million real estate objects. The reasons were an increase in the interest rate on loans, the unstable exchange rate of the European monetary unit against the background of the 2022 energy crisis, and, as a result, a decrease in national purchasing power.

On the contrary, the share of foreign investment in French real estate has increased over this period. Among foreign real estate investors, the largest percentage are American buyers, as well as representatives of the Asia-Pacific region. Analysts predict a significant increase in demand after the stabilization of the euro by 2024 and talk about a favorable moment to buy real estate at a reduced rate at the moment.

Average real estate prices in France as of April 2023

Meilleurs Agents Data


The cost of 1 m2 in apartments

The cost of 1 m2 in houses

The cost of renting apartments for 1 m2


10 082 €

10 753 €

30,0 €


3 716 €

4 438 €

15,5 €


5 099 €

6 667 €

17,2 €


3 637 €

4 122 €

14,1 €


5 071 €

6 253 €

18,5 €


5 942 €

7 302 €

17,4 €


3 907 €

4 758 €

14,0 €


3 966 €

3 654 €

14,5 €


3 449 €

4 641 €

15,1 €


4 742 €

5 507 €

16,5 €


3 613 €

3 329 €

15,5 €


8 305 €

9 235 €

15,5 €


2 978 €

3 462 €

13,3 €


11 452 €

11 579 €

11,8 €


7 825 €

10 713 €

13,8 €


14 559 €

20 454 €

15,8 €

Saint Tropez

10 941 €

18 914 €

15,4 €


Топ регионов Франции для инвестиций в недвижимость в 2024 году

Paris is rightfully the standard and emblem of French culture, art and luxury. The capital of France has consistently attracted the largest business representatives as investors, including in the real estate market. Buying a residential or commercial property in Paris means becoming part of one of the strongest business communities in Europe.

According to a study by the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC), in 2022 Paris ranked first in the world in terms of tourism’s contribution to the country’s economy. According to estimates, Paris’ contribution to the economy through tourism has reached $35.65 billion. It is worth noting that there is no seasonality in Paris, and it is popular among travelers at any time of the year. In addition, Paris is a major academic center in Europe, where more than 100,000 foreign students and young scientists come annually for training and internships. Due to this, one of the profitable strategies in Paris is to invest in residential real estate for short-term rental for tourists or students. Most often, investors buy studios or studio apartments in Paris in the center, or within walking distance of the metro.

The gross rental yield in Paris is about 3.53%. In addition, foreign investors who are tax residents of France have the opportunity, on an equal basis with French residents, to invest in rental real estate with the application of certain tax benefits from the French government. Pinel’s law, aimed at increasing rental housing in cities where there is a shortage of it, provides an opportunity to return up to 21% of the cost of purchased new housing in apartment buildings.

In 2024, the Olympic Games will be held in Paris, this will develop infrastructure and increase real estate prices, so it is profitable to enter projects now, they will give up in 2024 and will be in demand.

According to Meilleurs Agents, renting in Paris in 2023 costs an average of 30 euros per square meter. a meter, and buy a studio of 30 sq. m. meters will turn out on average for 302 thousand euros.

Cote d’Azur

Топ регионов Франции для инвестиций в недвижимость в 2024 году

The healthcare crisis in 2020 has increased the interest of international investors in the dynamic real estate market of the Cote d’Azur. If earlier a large proportion of investments were directed to investments in housing for rental to tourists during the season, now luxury real estate in a mild Mediterranean climate is increasingly attractive for buying for own living. A special factor is the possibility of obtaining a residence permit after the purchase of real estate and investment immigration.

Recently, interest in the real estate market on the Cote d’Azur has been manifested by representatives of business in the field of information technology, as well as players in the cryptocurrency market. The democratization of remote work has become one of the key factors in the popularity of relocation, and a comfortable environment and conditions play a key role in choosing the Cote d’Azur when buying a home.

An important factor affecting the real estate market in this region is the limited supply due to the policies of local authorities and geographical conditions. Therefore, prices remain consistently high even during crises. In 2023, when buying a house, the price was 6,253 euros per square meter. a meter in Nice, 7302 euros per square meter. a meter in Cannes, 20,454 euros per square meter. a meter in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and 18,914 euros per square meter. a meter in Saint-Tropez, which is 10.2% higher than in 2022.

Investing in rental real estate on the Cote d’Azur remains popular. About 11 million tourists come to the Mediterranean coast of France every year. The region is popular with wealthy tourists from the United States, Great Britain and other European countries. A particularly profitable investment is an investment in new buildings, since under French law there are a number of tax benefits for primary housing. Thus, notary expenses will amount to only 2.5% of the cost, as opposed to 7.5% in the secondary market.

The Cote d’Azur has always attracted people to live by its wonderful geographical location, the beauty of nature, mild climate, and developed infrastructure. From here, you can reach anywhere in Europe, including thanks to the second largest airport in France located in Nice. From an investment point of view, the presence of an airport guarantees not only stable profitability, but also an increase in the value of real estate.

Pensioners from northern Europe are very fond of the French Riviera for its mild climate. As in all countries of the world, the number of buyers from China, as well as Japan and the USA.

By investing in new buildings now, you will receive a guaranteed income of around 6% or a capital gain of 25-30%.

New buildings for residents of France are also subject to the Pinel tax Law, thanks to which it is possible to refund up to 21% of the cost of purchased housing for rent.

According to Meilleurs Agents, the rate for renting an apartment on the Cote d’Azur is 18.5 euros per sq.m. a meter in Nice, 17.4 euros per square meter. a meter in Cannes, 15.8 euros per square meter. a meter in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and 15.4 euros per square meter. a meter in Saint-Tropez. With a conservative forecast for this market, rental income for homeowners can act as a stable source of passive income, which is also one of the key requirements when preparing documents for relocation under the residence permit program for financially independent persons.

The French Alps

Топ регионов Франции для инвестиций в недвижимость в 2024 году

The territory of France includes 35 thousand square meters. km of the Alps, including their highest peak, Mont Blanc. The French Alpine resorts of Courchevel, Val d’Isere, Chamonix, Megeve and Meribel are among the oldest ski resorts in Europe.

The main investment strategy in the French Alps region is the purchase of resort real estate for rent. Winter and summer periods are considered high tourist seasons, the latter is gaining more and more popularity over the years due to the popularization of rural tourism and the influx of foreign tourists. According to a study by The Guardian, about 120 million tourists from all over the world visit the Alps every year. In February 2023, the cities of Courchevel and Meribel hosted the World Ski Championships, which further strengthened the interest of international investors in the region’s real estate.

High demand for new construction has led to the fact that objects are sold out within weeks (and sometimes days) from the moment they enter the market.

In 2023, the cost of buying an apartment in the French Alps region was 11,452 euros per sq.m. meter in Courchevel, 7825 euros per square meter. a meter in Chamonix, which is on average 10.1% more than in 2022. Rental rate in the same period: 11.8 euros per sq. m. a meter in Courchevel and 13.8 euros per square meter. a meter in Chamonix.


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