The tour operator will pay tourists more than a million rubles after an accident with a bus in Sri Lanka

Tour operator pays tourists over a million rubles after bus accident in Sri Lanka.

Туроператор выплатит туристам более миллиона рублей после аварии с автобусом на Шри-Ланке

Tourists from Smolensk filed a lawsuit against the tour operator after an accident during a vacation. The family was involved in an accident in Sri Lanka on the way to an excursion and was injured. Upon returning home, the Russians decided to collect money from the company for the tour and at the same time moral damage.

We are talking about a traffic accident in which a tourist bus became a participant in November last year. The transfer was supposed to take the vacationers on an excursion organized by the tour operator. However, on the road, the driver lost control and the minivan overturned. Then there were 10 tourists on the bus, four were injured of varying severity and were promptly taken to the hospital.

It should be noted that among the claims of vacationers was not only a refund for the tour, but also a fine and a penalty. In addition, moral damage and wages lost due to treatment after an accident were included in the list of compensations.

The court’s press service did not specify the total amount of financial claims, but during the proceedings the parties to the dispute decided to conclude a settlement agreement.

“According to it, the defendant undertakes to pay the plaintiffs money in a total amount equal to the equivalent of 15 thousand US dollars at the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of conclusion of the settlement agreement,” the court explained. To date, the amount will amount to more than 1,280,000 rubles. 


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