The best places to travel and Juliet’s Hole

Лучшие места для путешествий и дыра Джульетты

One of the domestic travel services analyzed the trips of Russians for the period May 8-9, 2024. Top 5 air destinations: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kaliningrad and Mineralnye Vody.

At the same time, among the specific routes, Moscow – Kaliningrad is in the first place, Moscow – St. Petersburg is in the second, and Moscow – Sochi is in the third. The most popular routes from the Northern Capital are St. Petersburg – Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg – Sochi and St. Petersburg – Kazan.

Top 5 train trips: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod and Adler. Among the specific routes, Moscow – St. Petersburg is in the first place, Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod is in the second, and Moscow – Kazan is in the third.

Analysts of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT) surveyed tour operators and aggregators and found out the cheapest and most expensive foreign summer vacation destinations. It is clear that the division into cheap and expensive is quite conditional, since within each direction you can find both budget and super-expensive options. So, the cheapest destinations are Abkhazia (the average check for a week trip for two is 150 thousand rubles), Egypt (210 thousand rubles), the UAE (220 thousand rubles), Sri Lanka (240 thousand rubles) and Thailand (250 thousand rubles). The top 5 most expensive foreign destinations for high season include Bali (450 thousand rubles), Maldives (410 thousand rubles), Cuba (320 thousand rubles), Vietnam (280 thousand rubles) and Turkey (270 thousand rubles). In general, all long-haul destinations where you fly for more than 6 hours can be called expensive. The cost of the flight eats up most of the package.

The tragedy in Brazil

Flooding in Brazil has become a national disaster. At least 107 people have died in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and another 136 are still missing. Roads and bridges were destroyed, and access to the city of Porto Alegre (1.5 million inhabitants) was actually blocked. Porto Alegre International Airport literally went under water along with the planes. President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said that “never in the history of Brazil has there been so much rain in one place.” In recent months, the country has suffered from extreme weather events: abnormal heat and torrential rains, as well as fluctuations in water temperature in the Pacific Ocean.

Visa News

Tourists did not have time to be afraid of the greatly increased cost of visa and service fees in Sri Lanka, as the authorities once again changed the rules, deciding to leave everything as it was. That is, the visa will really be free for Russians, since the service fee charged by VFS Global (about $ 26) has been canceled. The opposition demands to find out and punish the one who proposed to outsource the visa processing process to VFS Global, calling this scheme fraudulent and corrupt.

In Cambodia, from July 1, it is mandatory to fill in the Cambodia e-Arrival Card within 7 days before the planned date of travel. After filling out the form, tourists receive a QR code, which must be presented at the border crossing at the arrival airport. From July 1, tourists who do not have a QR code will be denied entry.

Starting from June 1, all foreign citizens must have an insurance policy to enter Georgia. His absence may result in a fine of 300 lari (slightly more than 10 thousand rubles).

VFS Global got into a scandal in Russia as well. Last week, they stated that “at the moment, documents can only be submitted for a national short-term visa to Bulgaria for the purpose of your trip.” The Bulgarian Embassy in the Russian Federation denies this information.: “The Consular department of the Bulgarian Embassy in Russia informs that Bulgaria issues Schengen visas to Russians valid for travel to Bulgaria and to all countries of the Schengen Agreement.” We are waiting for the response from VFS Global.

Venice is going to get rich soon

During the first 11 days of the experiment with a fee for visiting Venice without an overnight stay, the city’s treasury was replenished by 975 thousand euros. The first collection period for travelers arriving in Venice one day during rush hours lasted from April 25 to May 5. Revenue exceeded the expectations of local authorities, but at the moment the costs of implementing and configuring a system designed to comply with new standards for tourists still exceed revenues. Further in 2024, the tax will be collected on the following dates: May 18-19 and 25-26, June 8-9, 15-16, 22-23 and 29-30, July 6-7 and 13-14.

Juliet had a hole cut

In Verona, Italy, the famous statue of Juliet was removed from the street. The bronze figure was located under the balcony in the courtyard, where, according to legend, Romeo wooed Juliet. According to popular belief, for good luck in love, you need to touch Juliet’s chest. Hundreds of tourists daily rubbed the cherished place to shine, as a result, a hole appeared on the right side of the statue – the metal does not withstand the impact of thousands and thousands of hands. So the statue was taken away for restoration.

The 25 Best Places to Travel

Financial analysis portal Insider Monkey has identified the top 25 travel destinations in 2024 and calculated the average cost of a day in these locations. For the analysis, indicators such as climate, the desire of the destination to improve tourism technology and infrastructure, daily budget, safety and transport accessibility were used. Let’s talk about those places in the rating that are available to Russian tourists on direct flights.

Phuket is in 19th place. The average daily travel budget is $189. Despite the moderate level of security and seasonal monsoon climate, Phuket’s accessibility and well-developed tourist infrastructure make it a favorite destination for tourists looking for a tropical vacation. Istanbul is in 14th place (the average daily travel budget is $ 120). The costs of climate and security are offset by extensive and evolving infrastructure. Cairo is in 13th place ($50). Security and infrastructure issues are being well addressed in Egypt, which increases its attractiveness. Dubai is in 11th place ($248). The bustling metropolis offers a safe environment, affordable infrastructure and a sunny climate all year round, although summers can be exceptionally hot.

Budget cities in Germany

The SumUp payment company conducted a study to find out which German cities are the most attractive for trips for a couple of days on weekends, holidays and so on. To make a list of the 15 most attractive cities for budget–conscious tourists, almost two dozen factors were taken into account – from the average check in restaurants, the cost of beer and cinema tickets, the number of museums and other attractions, and up to the safety index, the number of hotels, shopping opportunities and green space. We will not list all 15 cities, we will note only the first three: Regensburg, Erfurt and Leipzig.

Russian beach in the top of the best

The Beachatlas platform presented the Golden Beach Award 2024 rating, the evaluation criteria of which included not only traditional factors – visual attractiveness and tourist reviews, but also a more in-depth study of other factors such as value to the local community, natural uniqueness, diversity, inclusivity, environmental friendliness and cultural and historical significance. Let’s list those beaches from the rating where a Russian tourist can get direct flights.

In 4th place Maya Bay (Thailand). This beach is also a regular of the usual ratings, as it became insanely popular after filming a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio on it. In 8th place JBR Beach (Dubai). Combines the urban atmosphere and beach holidays. In 12th place Pattaya Beach (Thailand). Beachatlas rated it as “lively as a carnival.” On the 38th place Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv, which is located in one of the busiest areas of the city. Gallipoli (Turkey) is ranked 40th. Beachatlas included this place in the rating because of its “historical significance due to the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War.” Cocoa Island (Maldives) is in 49th place. There is a luxury hotel on the island, “an ideal place to relax,” according to the rating compilers. Railay Beach West (Thailand) is in 66th place, also a frequent guest of other beach ratings, so Beachatlas writes that this place is the best beach in the country.

In 69th place is Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt), a favorite vacation spot of many Russians. On the 83rd place, there is another Israeli beach – Ein Bokek Beach, located on the shores of the Dead Sea. In 86th place is another favorite place of Russian tourists Varadero (Cuba). On the 88th – Wonsan Kalma in North Korea, however, Beachatlas writes that the opening of this resort is scheduled for 2025, but the Russian tourism industry is already planning summer beach tours to the DPRK this year. In the next, 89th place, an equally amazing choice is Inland Sea (Qatar). The “Inner Sea” is a bay in the south of the Persian Gulf, the town on the shore was a haven for pirates in the XIX century. Iztuzu (Turkey) is in the 90th place. It is well known to Russians as the “Turtle Coast” in the vicinity of Dalyan.

And finally, the Halaktyrsky beach in Kamchatka is located on the 92nd place. “Russia’s coastline is fraught with hidden gems such as the Khalaktyrsky Beach, which is often overlooked by vacation planners. Located on the remote eastern shore of Kamchatka, it stands out for its volcanic black sands and untouched natural beauty. The Halaktyr Strait is famous for its impressive waves, attracting surfers from all over the world with year–round optimal conditions,” writes Beachatlas.

But that’s not all. In 96th place Yalong Bay, “eastern Hawaii” on the Chinese island of Hainan, in 98th place Mafia Island, “a peaceful hidden island in Tanzania”, and in 99th place Bavaro Beach (Dominicana), also known as the “Coconut Coast”.

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