Russians were told where to have a cheap vacation abroad

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Россиянам рассказали, где недорого отдохнуть за границей

Abkhazia has become the most budget-friendly foreign destination for the summer. Now a trip there costs an average of 146 thousand rubles for two people.

The second place is occupied by Turkey, where there is a large selection of accommodation facilities. Egypt is the third in the ranking of budget beach routes. The average price for a vacation here is 210 thousand, the UAE — 229 thousand rubles.

“Sri Lanka and Thailand complete the rating with average checks of 237 thousand and 252 thousand rubles, respectively,” said the marketing director Oleg Kozyrev.

At the same time, Indonesia, Maldives and Cuba are among the three most expensive countries for Russians to relax in high season, RIA Novosti writes.

“The average check to Indonesia is 446 thousand rubles for two people. Maldives is in second place — 407 thousand rubles. Cuba is the third on the list: a trip to the Caribbean will cost an average of 318 thousand rubles,” Kozyrev shares the figures.


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