Summer holidays are getting more expensive

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Летний отдых дорожает

Rosstat reports that in just a week, from June 11 to 17, the price increase for flights in economy class amounted to 3.7%, and since the beginning of the year, air tickets have become more expensive by 20%.

According to Rosstat, accommodation in one– and two-star hotels has become more expensive by 10%, in three-star hotels – by 12%, prices in sanatoriums have increased by almost 13%. Prices for rooms in holiday homes and boarding houses have also increased by more than 13%, accommodation in hotels with four and five stars has become more expensive by 17%.

Rosstat also published data on changes in the cost of holidays in Abkhazia. In May, it increased by 9% compared to April. In Crimea, on the contrary, prices for accommodation were competitive, and the summer season started very well, but there was an emergency on the beach in Sevastopol, where four people were killed and 153 suffered as a result of an attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is not yet clear how much this situation will affect the Russians’ plans to spend their holidays on the peninsula. “There is no flurry of cancellations now, there are isolated cases,” tour operators interviewed by Vestnik ATOR assure. The situation is similar in Dagestan after the terrorist attack. “According to the data received from tour operators, the situation in Dagestan is acceptable for tourists now, there are no mass refusals from tours,” Vestnik ATOR reports.

Who’s going where

According to one major domestic travel service, most Russians plan to travel in their country in the summer – 85% of air and 97% of railway tickets account for domestic destinations. These data were obtained as a result of an analysis by the service of plane and train ticket sales for the period June 1 – August 31, 2024.

The top 5 destinations included Moscow, Sochi, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Mineralnye Vody. Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Armenia are popular among foreign countries. In summer, travelers will travel by train to two capitals, Anapa, Adler and Krasnodar. With the help of this travel service, the most hotels for the summer are booked in Russia – 94%, the remaining 6% are abroad. The average check for one night in the country is 3,900 rubles, abroad – 6,600 rubles. Usually travelers book a hotel for three to four days. Last summer, the average check for one night in a Russian hotel was 4,200 rubles, abroad – 7,500 rubles.

But another major Russian travel planning service analyzed its customers’ hotel bookings for July, and it turned out that this year more Russian citizens are going to spend their holidays abroad: the share of foreign destinations has increased by a third and now stands at 32% (against 24% a year earlier). In Russia, St. Petersburg became the most popular city for holidays in July. Sochi took the second place, and Moscow took the third. Over the year, the indicators of the top three have hardly changed. Next in the list of popular destinations are Kazan, Kaliningrad, Anapa, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladivostok and Gelendzhik. During the year, the service’s customers have increased their interest in holidays in Rostov-on-Don and Gelendzhik, and in Nizhny Novgorod – fell by as much as 20%.

In foreign destinations, compared with last year, service analysts note a 20% increase in interest in July holidays in Europe, now the share of European countries is 54%. But the popularity of Asian destinations in the middle of summer decreased by 15% – in July, 42% of Russian tourists will go there.

At the same time, Istanbul still leads the top foreign cities where Russians will rest, although interest in the Turkish city has decreased by 17% over the year. Paris came in second place: the popularity of the French capital increased by 23%. The third place is occupied by another European city – Milan, the demand for housing there remained at the level of last year.

Russian travelers also often book hotels in Rimini, Minsk, Rome, Budapest, Athens, Seoul and Yerevan for July. The Italian resort city of Rimini showed serious growth, where 15 times more Russians will rest than last year, as well as Athens (demand for housing there increased 10 times) and Budapest (4 times). 50% more hotels were booked in Minsk, 23% more in Seoul. But Yerevan’s popularity, on the contrary, has decreased threefold.

A consulting company, part of a large Russian bank, interviewed residents of the capital with average and higher incomes about plans for a summer vacation. 90% of respondents plan to spend their summer holidays in Russia. Such tours are cheaper than foreign ones, trips around the country are easier to organize, and there are attractions for every taste. 5% of the surveyed Muscovites plan to relax abroad. One third of them will go to Turkey, one in ten to the UAE, and the same number to EU countries. One in twenty will spend their holidays at home. The most popular vacation destination in Russia is the Krasnodar Territory. 31% of tourists intend to rest there. Crimea attracts 15% of travelers, 12% will walk around St. Petersburg. The Kaliningrad Region and the Altai Republic are also among the five most in-demand regions. On average, Muscovites are ready to spend about 65 thousand rubles for a trip per person.

About food

Russia’s largest food delivery service on the train and ordering food on the plane found out from its customers who traveled to the sea by train from June 1 to June 14, which dishes they most often ordered. Russian borscht has become the most popular dish among travelers – it is in 18% of all orders. The average cost of the dish was 350 rubles. Chicken noodles (200 rubles) were in the second most popular place with 17% of orders, and mashed potatoes with steak (350 rubles) were in the third with 12% of all orders. Also in the top 10 popular dishes included pepperoni pizza (890 rubles, 10% of orders), classic shawarma with chicken (300 rubles, 9%), California and Philadelphia rolls (350 rubles, 9%), udon with seafood (480 rubles, 8%), salad “Caesar” with chicken (400 rubles, 7%), dumplings (350 rubles, 6% of orders) and khinkali (340 rubles, 4% of orders). The average check for one order for 2-3 people on a trip to the sea was 1,650 rubles. This is 9% less than the average check in all directions (1817 rubles).

Another domestic travel service conducted its own survey about food (and there is not a word about Russian borscht in the answers) and found out that more than 70% of Russians prefer to take food with them if they travel by train. About 10% choose prepaid or additional meals, and 8% go to the restaurant car to have a snack. Another 5% order food on the train, and 4% buy groceries from the conductor. The least number of people prefer to shop at the train station – only 3%. Russians most often take vegetables and fruits with them – 44%, noodles and fast food – 41%, as well as something flour: sandwiches, buns, pizza, sausages in dough – 40%. Cookies, gingerbread and waffles are bought for tea – 38%. Next in popularity are chicken, eggs, potatoes in a uniform and pickled cucumbers – 31% take them with them on the train.

The most dangerous this summer

A large Russian insurance company has published a study in which it ranked popular tourist regions in terms of “dangerous – safe”. According to insurers, 88% of all accidents occur in the Krasnodar Territory. But the North Caucasus turned out to be the safest region for a vacation – there are only 4.5% of emergencies. The top “dangerous” cities for summer holidays are Adler (54% of summer emergencies), Sochi (12%), Loo (a suburb of Sochi, 10%), St. Petersburg (5.3%) and Anapa (5%). The most “safe” among popular tourist cities: Kazan (0.1%), Kaliningrad (0.1%), Moscow (0.3%), Tuapse (0.5%) and Gelendzhik (0.9%) The most common causes are gastrointestinal problems, including exacerbations gastritis and poisoning, as well as ENT diseases: sinusitis, otitis media, pharyngitis, etc.

To Georgia by bus and other oddities

From the new Krasnogvardeysky bus station in Moscow, you can now go to Georgia. Buses will run 1-2 times a week. The cost of tickets to Kutaisi is 6 thousand rubles, to Batumi – 8 thousand rubles, travel time is 37 hours.

An attraction of unprecedented generosity, similar to last year’s technical failure of Aeroflot with tickets from Yekaterinburg to Phuket, also happened to the OneTwoTrip service – tickets were sold for 100-900 rubles even to destinations in Asia. Travelers immediately began buying tickets for the upcoming dates and registering for flights so that they could not be canceled, as was the case with Aeroflot. Some bought up paid services on board, such as seat selection. Those who were particularly motivated called the airlines to put a label on the reservation “it is impossible to cancel by an agent.” But none of this helped, OneTwoTrip canceled all purchased tickets, even with registration, even with paid extras. services. Clients are already preparing pre-trial claims and hope that they will be able to win, as it sometimes happens now with claims in the Aeroflot case.

The most beautiful rivers and lakes in Russia

Experts of one domestic travel service interviewed more than 3 thousand people and found out that, according to the service’s customers, the most beautiful lake in the country is Lake Baikal. 27% of travelers voted for the deepest lake on Earth. Lake Ladoga is in 2nd place – 13%. The Altai Katun River is in 3rd place – 8%. Volga is in 4th place – 8% and Teletskoye Lake is in 5th place – 6%, located in the Altai Republic.

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