The alliance of travel agencies stated that cancellations of tours to Crimea are not widespread

Mass cancellation of previously booked trips by Russians to Crimea has not been recorded yet. This was stated by Aleksan Mkrtchyan, Vice President of the Alliance of Travel Agencies of Russia, on Komsomolskaya Pravda Radio.

The expert doubts that the information previously announced by ATOR that sales of tours to the peninsula decreased by 20% due to the terrorist attack in Sevastopol is true.

“We need to talk not only about Crimea, but also about Dagestan, so that it is objective. Actually, no, not by 20 percent (sales fell). Many people have already bought tickets to Makhachkala, and in Simferopol and Sevastopol. I estimate a 12% decrease in sales,” the expert said.

Mkrtchyan noted that the mass cancellation of tours by vacationers was avoided due to guarantees of a full refund. As a result, the Russians decided not to panic and wait for further developments.

“From the very beginning, we announced a one hundred percent refund and Dagestan, and by Crimea. Among those who have already bought tours, we see isolated refusals for them. If you can pick up the money not today, but even after 10 days, people will take a closer look, understand that everything is in order, and they will go quietly,” he concluded.

Earlier it was reported that the State Duma proposed to close in Crimea and Krasnodar Territory has some beaches.


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