PCT: demand for summer Egypt continues to grow

According to travel aggregators and travel agency networks, sales of tours to Egypt in June increased by 20-25% compared to last year. One of the reasons for the growth in demand is attractive prices. Russian tourists in Egypt usually book 5* hotels, which are not available to them in many other countries.

According to the statistics of the online tour store Travelata.ru This summer season, the number of bookings for tours to Egyptian resorts increased by 18% compared to last year. This destination has been ranked third in the ranking of countries popular with tourists in summer for two years in a row.

“The share of Egypt has been stable for two summers and amounted to 8%. At the same time, the average check increased from 160 thousand to 192 thousand rubles per tour. The booking depth has increased from 27 days in the summer of 2023 to 40 days at the moment,” said Marketing Director Oleg Kozyrev.

According to him, Turkey is in the first place now, 61% of vacationers plan to visit there during the summer holidays. The average check increased by the same 15-20%, from 223 thousand rubles to 255 thousand.

According to the group of companies “Fly.“, the level of demand for tours to Egypt exceeds last year’s figures by 25%, and its share in total sales decreased by 4% to 7.7%. Egypt is in third place in the top 10 destinations in terms of the number of bookings for the summer. The average duration of the trip has not changed — 8 nights.

In “Fly.” the average Egyptian check increased by 13% to 191,400 rubles. Nevertheless, now it is possible at a cost of 128,400 rubles. to book a tour in the first half of July for two for 7 nights with departure from Moscow and accommodation in a 5* all inclusive hotel.

The Egyptian tourism industry expects an increase in the number of Russian tourists to 1.8 million people this year. Last year, the country accepted 1.4 million. According to the Egyptian tourism authorities, an increase of 20% or more is possible primarily due to competitive hotel prices. In most other countries where Russians go on summer holidays, prices have increased more significantly.

According to the network of agencies “Shop of burning vouchers”, the average check for a tour to Egypt per person now amounts to 118 thousand rubles, for two — 155 thousand, for three — 227 thousand. To Turkey — 152 thousand, 195 thousand and 272 thousand rubles, respectively. According to Sergey Agafonov, General Director of the network, head of the PCT Committee on agency activities, Egypt has serious advantages against this background.

“Many tourists who would like to relax in luxury hotels in Turkey are stopped by high prices. They are looking for an alternative in Egypt, where the season is low, prices are balanced and demand is generally low. And the selection of branded all-inclusive hotels in Egyptian resorts is very decent. This is becoming a serious additional factor of interest in holidays in Egypt,” the PCT expert explained.



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