In Egypt, whale sharks were spotted in the Red Sea, unidentified in the Mediterranean

A majestic whale shark swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea in Egypt, surrounded by other marine creatures.

В Египте заметили акул – китовую в Красном море, на Средиземном – неопознанную

In Egypt, they are again looking for a shark in coastal waters, only this time not in the Red Sea, but in the Mediterranean. A group of specialists from the National Institute of Oceanography is exploring the water area near one of the resorts in the town of Al-Hamam after a signal about the appearance of a predator-like sea creature, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported today.

After a series of tragedies off the coasts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, where sharks often attacked tourists, Egypt began to react more quickly to the facts of their appearance near tourist sites. This time, an unidentified large fish was spotted 70 km west of Alexandria last Friday and its search began on June 22.

The head of the search team clarified that only the dorsal fin and part of the body are visible on the received video, and the head area and the caudal fin are hidden under water, which did not allow us to determine how dangerous this species is. According to him, the search will continue next week.

Employees of hotels on the coast were warned about the appearance of a potential danger and asked to report the appearance of a shark to scientists. Recently, Russians have also begun to relax in Egyptian resorts of the Mediterranean Sea – tour operators offer tour packages from Moscow and the regions.

And at this time, a whale shark appeared on the Red Sea, which the Egyptians call bahlul. Divers met a huge inhabitant of the depths of the sea today near Marsa Alam. The whale shark is considered safe for humans, so tourists take the opportunity to take a spectacular photo while being next to it. The administration of marine reserves even drew up instructions on how to behave when meeting – do not surround, do not touch and do not shine a flashlight in her eyes.

The other day, TurDom wrote that dead sheep were found in the waters of the Red Sea, which were thrown from ships. Similar finds were previously associated with the subsequent appearance of sharks and their attack on tourists.


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