On Koh Samui, tourists worried about earthquakes

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На острове Самуи туристы забеспокоились из-за землетрясений

According to the publication Thansettakij, three small earthquakes were recorded on Koh Samui (Thailand) last week. This caused panic among tourists and residents of the island.

Russian tourists vacationing on Koh Samui also felt concussions.

On this occasion, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Thailand made a speech, who reassured citizens and assured that the island is safe, there is no risk of strong earthquakes.

It is clarified that the first tremor was recorded last Thursday, then two more occurred on Saturday. The power of seismic events is very weak — only 2-3 points.

Thai scientists decided to install the following to warn the public about underground activity Koh Samui seismic detector.


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