Tax refund in France for tourists in 2024

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Возврат налога во Франции для туристов в 2024 году

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  1. VAT refund in France
    1. The tax refund rate in France for tourists
  2. How to get a tax refund in France
  3. Refund of luxury goods tax in France
  4. For which goods VAT cannot be refunded in France

France is a country known as the world capital of fashion, art and haute cuisine. Many luxury goods produced in France will be able to buy several times cheaper in this country than in branded stores in other countries. Every year, France attracts thousands of tourists who come for shopping.

VAT refund in France

When making purchases in France, foreign tourists automatically pay the included value added tax (VAT), which can later be refunded when leaving the country — using the tax free procedure. The refund is possible due to the fact that VAT is charged only from residents of the state, and income from it goes to urban improvement and social support for citizens.

Any tourist who is not a resident of France can apply for tax free with a one-time purchase of a single receipt of goods worth more than 100.01 euros. You will receive a cash refund of up to 1,000 euros.

To make a refund, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Not to be an EU citizen.
  2. Stay in France as a tourist on a tourist visa that allows you to stay in the country for no more than 90 days for 6 months.
  3. Be over 16 years old.

The tax refund rate in France for tourists

The standard percentage of value added to all goods in France is 20%. The exception is a number of goods at a reduced rate, such as medicines, food, books, etc., to which the rate of 10 and 5.5% is applied, respectively.

How to get a tax refund in France

You can get a tax refund at trade centers marked with a special tax free sign. You can also check directly at the store’s checkout whether it participates in the tax refund system for tourists.

Возврат налога во Франции для туристов в 2024 году

  1. Receiving a tax refund form when making a purchase. It is necessary to ask the seller to issue a special form where the buyer’s data, the product, the purchase amount and the store’s data are entered. The form can be of two types: with the PABLO logo (designed by the seller through the PABLO app) or without a logo (designed through a tax refund operator). In the vast majority of cases, in 2024, sellers apply for a tax free form through the PABLO application. The purchase receipt must also be attached to the form.
  2. Passing through customs control. Customs seals are placed in the latter country The EU that you are leaving. To validate the tax form, it is necessary to scan it in the PABLO vending machine (terminals are designated by the name DETAXE), which is a customs check. There is no need to send the form to the seller, all information is already contained in digital form. If the tax form was not created by the PABLO system, or the point of departure from The EU is not France — it is necessary to affix customs stamps at the airport customs service.
  3. Receiving a refund. It is possible to receive a refund directly at the airport — through Tax Free Cash Refund kiosks. You need to find kiosks with the name of the tax refund company indicated on your form: Premier Tax Free, Tax Free Worldwide, Global Blue, Innova Tax Free, etc. A refund to the card is also possible: in this case, it is necessary to seal the form and send it to the tax refund company — by mail or e-mail. In the latter case, the tax refund is credited to the card within 2-3 months.

Please note that PABLO customs vending machines are only available in some cities in France. When leaving the In the EU, through a city where there is no automatic machine, or another EU country, you must contact the customs service to affix a seal.

Refund of luxury goods tax in France

Since 2022 due to sanctions EU there are restrictions on exports from the EU to Russia of luxury goods, electronics and other goods.

The following categories of goods are subject to sanctions:

  • clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, perfumes, tableware, ceramics and works of art are more expensive than 300 euros;
  • electronics for home use are more expensive than 750 euros;
  • audio recording and playback devices are more expensive than 1000 euros;
  • musical instruments are more expensive than 15,000 euros;
  • vehicles are more expensive than 50,000 euros.

It will not be possible to issue a tax refund for these items, and when transported in the original packaging with a tag, customs may ask additional questions about the purpose of the goods.

For which goods VAT cannot be refunded in France

Возврат налога во Франции для туристов в 2024 году

The following category of goods is not subject to the tax free procedure:

  • weapon;
  • medicines;
  • tobacco;
  • postage stamps;
  • vehicles;
  • services;
  • cultural relics over 50 years old.

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