Russian tourists in Spain face a fine of 2,900,000 rubles for violating a little-known law on photography

Russian tourists in Spain face a fine of 2,900,000 rubles for violating obscure photography law.

Российским туристам в Испании грозит штраф в размере 2 900 000 рублей за нарушение малоизвестного закона о фотографии

All tourists, including Russian ones, may face a fine of up to 2,900,000 rubles (30,000 euros) for violating a little-known law on photography. We are talking about recording the actions of police officers, as this may jeopardize their safety or the performance of operations.

This was decided by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior and classified such an action as “serious”, which means it can lead to significant fines. As the Spanish media clarified, the law on photographs and videography concerns not only the law enforcement officers themselves, but also their families, the safety of protected objects or the execution of an operation. If the photos of tourists are regarded as “threatening” to life and business, then a fine is inevitable. “This is not a violation if the recording is conducted in compliance with restrictions and is not distributed,” the experts explained on the pages of the local press.

The Spanish Interior Ministry also clarified that fines range from 600 euros to 30,000 euros. “Injured police officers are responsible for reflecting in their report or complaint the specific risk that arose when their image was captured or distributed,” the ruling said. Based on this law, Russian tourists should be especially careful and avoid photographing or videotaping police officers in Spain, so as not to fall under strict sanctions.


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