Morocco is getting closer

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“We are going to Morocco. The temperature outside is +30,” this is how Nikolai Bukreev, CEO and co—founder of GOOD TIME TRAVEL, began a virtual trip to this African country.

Марокко становится ближе

On a hot May day on May 30 in the center of Moscow on Representatives of 50 travel agencies gathered in Pokrovka to explore tourist opportunities, the range of programs, hotels and features of sales of tours in Morocco, as well as communicate with colleagues and experts over a glass of sparkling wine and a cup of coffee accompanied by the mouth-watering smells of fresh pastries of the Geografiya restaurant.

They were accompanied on a delicious and healthy trip to the northwest of Africa:

  • Nikolay Bukreev, CEO of Good Time Travel;
  • Natalia Ustinovich, Head of Sales at Royal Air Maroc;
  • representative of the Iberostar hotel chain Natalia Gureenkova.

Марокко становится ближе

The main guide and organizer of the business breakfast was the multidisciplinary tour operator GOOD TIME TRAVEL, whose central office is located in St. Petersburg. He is known among travel agencies for his unique author’s programs, the professionalism of the staff and numerous reviews from grateful tourists.

Why Morocco?

As Nikolai said: “Today it is one of the few countries accessible to Russian tourists, to which a direct flight from Moscow flies 5 times a week.” A kaleidoscope of colorful landscapes and recreation opportunities is concentrated here: the Atlas Mountains, the sands of the Sahara Desert, the intricate streets of ancient cities, colorful oriental bazaars, impressive architecture of mosques and palaces. And on the coast, luxury all-inclusive resorts with sandy beaches have been built for tourists, where you can enjoy the sun all year round.

Марокко становится ближе

How to get there?

Royal Air Maroc planes fly from Moscow Domodedovo to Casablanca in Morocco 5 times a week: on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. In her speech, the head of the airline’s sales department spoke about the fleet, flight geography, aircraft types and on-board service.

Марокко становится ближе

Where to stay?

A representative of the Iberostar hotel chain introduced the audience to three hotels of the chain located in Morocco, which operate on an all-inclusive system. These are Iberostar Saidia, located on the first line of Saidia Beach — the blue pearl of Morocco; Iberostar Founty Beach, which is 1 km from the center of the resort of Agadir and Iberostar Club Palmeraie Marrakech, surrounded by extensive gardens — 13 km from Gemma el Fna Square and Al-Koutoubia Mosque.

Марокко становится ближе

Morocco has not only hotels of well-known chains, but also authentic hotels in the Arabic style. Nikolai Bukreev introduced them to them as part of his speech on the programs of the tour operator GOOD TIME TRAVEL in this country.

What to see and unique programs from GOOD TIME TRAVEL

The tour operator considers its strong point to be the author’s non-trivial carefully designed programs with guaranteed arrival dates, maximally adapted to the needs of customers. The company was founded in 2013, it employs 35 highly qualified employees with more than 15-20 years of experience in tourism, and has been trusted by more than 4,000 travel agencies.

Марокко становится ближе

The peculiarity of the company, as Nikolai said, is that: “We do not do a thousand tours in Morocco. You only need to memorize 2 programs and sell them only.” They have guaranteed arrival dates and are based on the purchased block of Royal Air Maroc seats. No more than 20 people are recruited into groups, with whom an escort from the company travels and solves all issues on the spot. A week before the tour, a chat is created where it is told how to change the currency, what subtleties should be observed in clothes and rules of conduct in the country.

It would not be superfluous to add that tourists will not need to fight for a seat on the bus. All of them are designed for 40 people, with a group size of 20. When issuing documents, tourists are given a seat on the bus, compiled according to the order of booking the tour.

Another advantage that makes the program accessible to a large number of tourists: when booking at GOOD TIME TRAVEL, they look for a place for women and offer for sale a place in a double room.

  1. “Morocco. The Ancient Kingdom + Shevshauen”. Route: Moscow → Casablanca → Rabat → Tangier → Chevshauen → Volubilis → Fes → Marrakech → Essaouira → Casablanca → Moscow. The program has been running since September last year, has been tested and maximally adapted to the needs of tourists. For example, on this tour, they refused to spend the night in Casablanca, added in Chevshauen and this route became the optimal one to sell the destination. As Nikolai explained: “Everyone always asks “Blue City (Shevshauen)“or Sugar. We have put a Blue City in this program, because within 7 days both main points of attraction cannot fit. And we set a specific task: to make a travel product affordable for people who want to see something interesting within closed borders. We will launch this tour again in September 2024, with the final race on November 27. It can already be booked on the website and sales are quite active.” It is suitable for those who want to see the country to the maximum in one trip. Three New Year’s arrivals will be announced soon. And they will have 30 seats in the group.
  2. “Bright colors of Morocco + holidays on the beaches of Agadir”. Summer route: Casablanca → Rabat → Marrakech → Urica Valley → Essuweira → Agadir. 4 days — a rich excursion program and 6 days of relaxation on the beaches of Agadir on an all-inclusive basis. The program starts on June 24 and ends in October. The cost per person when staying in a double room starts from 1416 euros. Which, as Nikolai noted, is currently “affordable, taking into account how much an airfare to Europe and a package to Turkey costs.”

It is worth noting that a similar approach is implemented for all tour operator programs. And there are more than 590 of them in more than 70 directions. In addition, the company provides visa support, makes complex settlement tours and is ready to work in the “concierge” mode, 24/7.

Марокко становится ближе

And who won the plane?

The business breakfast for Moscow travel agencies ended with the drawing of an airplane. A representative of the Royal Air Maroc airline presented its layout to the lucky winner from the Aelita company.

Марокко становится ближе

It is gratifying that the travel agents did not disperse for a long time, communicated with speakers and colleagues, and thanked them for a healthy and delicious start to the day.

Марокко становится ближе


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