In May, Russians spent the longest time in Kislovodsk and Phuket

Group of people relaxing on a beach in Kislovodsk and Phuket in May, popular vacation spots for Russians.

Travel planning service OneTwoTrip analyzed hotel bookings for the May holidays in Russia and abroad and told where its customers spent the most time.


На майских россияне дольше всего отдыхали в Кисловодске и на Пхукете


In Russia

Kislovodsk took the first place: the average length of stay in the hotel there was 3.2 days. For a little less, or about 3.1 days, the travelers stayed in hotels in Kaliningrad, and spent about 3.0 days in St. Petersburg.

In addition, relatively long bookings were made in Sochi (2.9 days), Anapa (2.8 days), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (2.7 days), Zelenogradsk (2.6 days), Ulyanovsk (2.5 days), Gelendzhik (2.5 days) and Yoshkar-Ola (2.4 days).


Thailand became the leader of the foreign top: on May holidays, Russians rested in Phuket hotels for an average of 6.3 days. The Asian destination is also in second place: in Nha Trang, a popular Vietnamese resort, the booking duration was about 6.0 days. Also, many travelers decided to spend a mini-vacation in Turkey: they stayed in Alanya for 5.7 days.

In addition, the list includes Mexico City (5.7 days), Sharm el-Sheikh (5.4 days), Seoul (5.2 days), Tokyo (5.1 days), Pattaya (4.7 days), Hurghada (4.7 days) and Denpasar (4.6 days).


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