Tourists died in Afghanistan as a result of an armed attack

Tourists died in Afghanistan due to an armed attack.

Туристы погибли в Афганистане в результате вооруженного нападения

Three tourists from Spain were shot dead in Afghanistan, in Bamyan province, by armed attackers, and another was injured. As a result of the shooting, a local resident was also killed and seven were injured. This was reported by TASS, citing sources in the Spanish Foreign Ministry.

Details of the incident have not yet been disclosed. It is known that none of the Afghan groups has claimed responsibility for the incident.

The Taliban movement in power in Afghanistan (recognized as a terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation) condemned this high-profile crime, expressed condolences to the relatives of the dead foreigners and promised to find and punish the perpetrators. According to the latest information, four suspects in the attack have been detained.

There is practically no organized tourism from Russia to Afghanistan today, but independent travelers visit the country. Nikolai Balandinsky, the head of the Geography project, who returned from a trip to Afghanistan just a week ago, calls Bamyan province, where Spanish tourists were shot, the most picturesque region of this state. “Now he will probably be declared potentially dangerous,” he believes. According to Nikolai Balandinsky, law enforcement officers from representatives of the Taliban keep order, try to resolve any situation so that the country makes a favorable impression on tourists. However, in the context of the tense political situation in Afghanistan, promises to provide security to foreign guests are nothing more than rhetoric, and it is an illusion to seriously count on this.  

Earlier we wrote that Russian tourists, participants of the author’s tour to Afghanistan, were detained by armed men when leaving the hotel at night.


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