Hurricane Edgar hit Moscow

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На Москву обрушился ураган «Эдгар»

TASS reports that Hurricane Edgar has hit Moscow. It brought with it a heavy downpour with a thunderstorm, a cold snap, and hurricane-force winds with gusts up to 25 m/s.

The wind bends billboards, rips off roofs, uproots trees. Many streets and roads in the city are flooded. Tornadoes are expected in Moscow, city parks have been closed for safety reasons.

The number of victims has increased to seven people, among them a five—month-old child – a shield fell on him in the center of Moscow. One person was trapped in a toilet, knocked down by the wind with a door on the asphalt, a fence fell on a woman, and a man ended up in a car, on which a tree collapsed.

Residents of the capital and tourists are asked not to go outside during bad weather, which may last until the evening. In the near future, the hurricane may turn into a tornado.

Updating information:

Tornadoes have already been spotted in residential areas of the capital, near Istria and in the Losino-Petrovsky area.

A tree fell on a 69-year-old pensioner. Thus, the number of victims of the hurricane in Moscow has increased to eight.

One person died as a result of a hurricane in Moscow: a man was crushed by a tree near the entrance to the Dubki Park on Ivanovskaya Street.


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