Utair has started making flights between Surgut and Grozny

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Utair начала совершать рейсы между Сургутом и Грозным

Utair has started operating direct scheduled flights between Surgut and Grozny. The air connection between the largest and most ancient city of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug — Yugra and the capital of the Chechen Republic will not only help establish and strengthen business ties between the two Russian regions, but also allow tourists from the north to get acquainted with the sights of Grozny, and travelers from Chechnya to see the natural beauty of Yugra.

Flights are operated once a week – on Saturdays. The plane departs from Surgut Airport at 09:05 a.m. local time and lands in the Chechen Republic at 11:20 a.m. The liner will depart from Grozny at 12:35 and arrive in Yugra at 18:40. Passengers will spend 4 hours and 10 minutes in flight.

Tickets for these flights can be purchased on the airline’s official website, in its own mobile application “Cozy Sky — UTair” and from agents. The cost of a one-way flight at the most budget fare is approximately 15,000-21,000 rubles.


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