Fort Peter I in Kronstadt will become a tourist complex

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Форт «Петр I» в Кронштадте станет туристическим комплексом

According to Kommersant, Fort Peter I in Kronstadt will become a tourist complex: the renovated fort will open to tourists in 2025.

During this year, the foundation and walls of the fort will be strengthened, the coastline will be strengthened, communications and hydraulic structures will be restored. Restaurants, a museum and a hotel will open inside.

It is expected that the object will be no less popular with tourists than Petrodvorets, Pushkin or Pavlovsk.

In addition, by the end of 2025, it is planned to open an updated fort “Alexander I” (“Plague Fort”) — there will also be a museum (it will be dedicated to the history of the fight against infectious diseases), a restaurant and a hotel. Another fort, Konstantin, is also in the process of restoration, which will be completed no earlier than in a couple of years.

The Island of Forts project has been developing a tourist and recreational cluster in Kronstadt since 2019. In August 2020, the largest in the Russia has a park dedicated to the navy – the “Island of Forts”, and at the end of July 2023 the Museum of Naval Glory, the central object of the entire cluster, opened.


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