5 Amazing Smartphone Apps That Drive You Crazy: from secret calls to special bots serving you

Innovative smartphone apps for secret calls and special bots blowing your mind.

5 потрясающий приложений для смартфонов, которые сводят с ума: от тайных звонков до специальных ботов служащих вам

Currently, some of us are working 24/7 on our smartphones, and in most cases something unproductive is happening, such as scrolling through the reels, watching YouTube short films one by one, or playing games. There is a lot of content and applications that we still don’t know about. We have no idea what potential they have and how they can change our lives forever. How about getting to know some of them that will change your life forever from now on?

Apps are not necessarily evil, we can use them to our advantage and take advantage of the benefits they offer. One by one, we’ll look at the top five apps that have the potential to change our lives.

Five Crazy Apps that will Drive You Crazy

  • BNE SIM: With this application, you can make unlimited calls without revealing your phone number, for free. If you are wondering how this will happen, then when you call someone, a random number will be displayed on the recipient’s mobile phone. This will hide your identity. However, it is recommended not to use this for any improper or malicious purposes. It is noteworthy that SIM cards are not required for this. Even if you don’t have a SIM card, you can register a new BNESIM account.
  • Timer for disabling the application: If you have problems with excessive use of your smartphone, especially social media or multimedia platforms, then this app is for you. It allows you to set a timer for each application you want. By setting a timer, you will be able to use the app for no more than 24 hours. It will also provide you with data that will help you understand what is taking up the most of your time.
  • Bikii Cloud Game: Enjoy all your favorite games like GTA-V, Spider-Man and others right on your mobile device, completely free, thanks to this application. Say goodbye to an expensive gaming console or a high-end PC. Now the world of games is at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.
  • App Cloner: Thanks to the presence of this app in your smartphone, you will be able to customize your phone the way you like. With it, you will be able to realize incredible possibilities. Here are a few ways you can use this app: say, if you want to secretly open Instagram (recognized as extremist and banned in Russia), you can do so by entering some numbers or combinations that you would make up in the calculator app. Another example: Let’s say you don’t want people to access your phone’s gallery, then you can create an alternative access to it using the above and set an error in the main application so that whenever someone tries to open it, the Gallery displays an error message and won’t open.
  • AximoBot in Telegram: It’s not really an app, although it’s available in the Telegram app itself. If you have been blocked from your Instagram account (recognized as extremist and banned in Russia), but you are still interested in learning about their actions and publications, you can simply share a link with this bot. As soon as you do this, the bot will start sending you notifications about every update made by this account, informing you and keeping you up to date regardless of blocking.


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