During the May holidays, the tourist flow to Asia and Africa increased by more than a third

In 2024, 13% more Russians preferred to travel abroad during the May holidays than in the same period last year. Russians began to choose Asian destinations and African countries more often, while the popularity of South America and the CIS declined slightly. This is evidenced by MegaFon analytics based on anonymized data of roaming subscribers.


В майские праздники турпоток в Азию и Африку вырос более чем на треть


Turkey became the favorite of Russians, where the holiday season started in May. The flow of tourists to this country increased by 12% year on year. In second place is Belarus, the number of trips to which remained at the level of 2023 (an increase of 1%). Kazakhstan closes the top three, but the popularity of this country has decreased by 14% over the year. The UAE (+19%) and Georgia (+20%) also entered the top 5 most popular destinations.

The best dynamics are demonstrated by the countries of Asia, where the tourist flow has increased by one and a half times. The majority of trips here are to Thailand (+54%), China (+93%), South Korea (+19%) and the Maldives (+9%). The number of Russian tourists in Vietnam has tripled, which allowed it to also enter the top 5 Asian destinations during the May holidays.

Demand for Africa has increased by more than a third, and Egypt is the leader of vacationers’ preferences here. 37% more Russians chose him during these May holidays than last year. In addition, Russians have tried holidays in Morocco (+60%), the Seychelles (+24%) and South Africa (+49%).

The tourist flow from Russia to Europe has hardly changed, adding only 1%. However, individual countries have grown significantly. For example, Italy, which is the leader in the number of Russian tourists, showed an increase of 15%. The number of trips to France also increased by 28% and to Spain by 16%.

Meanwhile, a slight decrease in the interest of travelers from Russia is demonstrated by the CIS countries and South America: the flow of tourists here during the May holidays decreased by 3% and 4%, respectively


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