Beglov wants to make St. Petersburg the most popular tourist city in Russia

Cityscape of St. Petersburg, Russia with historic buildings and scenic river view on a sunny day.

Беглов хочет сделать Петербург самым популярным у туристов городом в России

St. Petersburg should become the leader in tourist traffic in Russia. The city has all the possibilities and sufficient potential for this. This was announced by Governor Alexander Beglov in a statement to the Legislative Assembly. 

According to him, seven investment projects are currently being implemented that will provide the Northern capital with additional hotel rooms even in high season. At the same time, the offers on the market should meet the needs of budget tourists who are not ready to spend a lot of money on vacation. 

The new economic growth point will also be the year-round St. Petersburg Marina seaside resort, which will be built on the Gorskaya site and will be able to receive up to 1.3 million tourists per year. The project is part of the federal program “Five Seas” and includes a swimming pool, water attractions, beaches, park areas and other amenities.  

In addition, the authorities plan to develop the transport capabilities of the city. Thus, the Levashovo airfield will contribute to the development of tourism in the north-primorsky part of St. Petersburg. In turn, it is planned to extend the metro line to Pulkovo airport and further to the new residential quarters of the Pushkinsky district.

Recall that on March 28, Vladimir Putin noted during the meeting that St. Petersburg is now only in third place in popularity among tourists. Moscow and Krasnodar Territory are the leaders. The President of the Russian Federation stressed that the attractiveness of the Northern capital needs to be increased, since the city has a great tourist potential. In response, the governor promised to fix the situation and, apparently, started working hard. 


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