Attractions in Jamaica: Top 24

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The sights of Jamaica are not only interesting to watch, but also pleasant, because the island is sunny and hospitable. It attracts tourists from our country with its beautiful exotic nature, clean beaches, hotels for every financial opportunity and taste. When going on a trip, be sure to ask what to see in Jamaica.

What is the first thing to see in Jamaica?

Since recently, a visa is not required to cross the border of the island state, which has attracted a large number of tourists. They usually go there in pairs or small companies, families with children may find it difficult to take a long flight. The main resorts are Negril, Montego Bay, Port Antonio, Ranaway Bay and White House Bay. It’s time to explore the sights of Jamaica.

1. Negril Beach

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The snow-white coral sand of Negril beach

The resort area is located in the west of the island state, namely 80 km from the airport. Once only backpackers knew about this place, but now tourism in Negril is the only industry. Once a small paradise turned into a large resort. If you like a hedonistic vacation, then this place is perfect. While exploring this Jamaican landmark, do not miss the opportunity to visit the town of Appleton, where local rum is produced. The coral reef and wetlands, which are considered a nature reserve, also deserve attention.

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2. Dunns River Waterfalls

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Dunns River Waterfalls in a beautiful rainforest

There is a small settlement in Jamaica, Ocho Rios. So, not far from it, on the territory of the natural park there are some of the most picturesque waterfalls in the world. Their total length is 180 m, and the total height is 55 m. Streams form several lagoons. Geologists have conducted numerous studies of local waters, as a result of which it was found that they are rich in calcium and are able to independently wash terraces in the riverbed. Dunns is one of the waterfalls that fall directly into the sea. From the reviews, you can find out that it is better to visit the waterfall in the morning. And also, you should not expect that you will be able to be alone with nature, thousands of tourists come there every year.

Official website: http://www.dunnsriverfallsja

3. Kingston

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Night view of Kingston

It cannot be said that the city is the most popular beach resort on the island, but it is still worth getting to know it. It is located on a vast plain, namely on the 7th largest harbor in the world of natural origin. It appeared after the earthquake, which destroyed the old Port Royal. By the way, it was there that pirates found refuge at one time. The description of Kingston says that the national Gallery, the Royal House and a huge number of museums deserve attention on its territory. In short, the cultural program is provided.

4. Rose Hall

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Rose Hall is the manor house of the former Urban Walnut sugar plantation

Guides in Jamaica often suggest that guests of the island state visit the Georgian mansion, which is considered the most famous there. Its construction lasted 20 years, and it was named after the wife of a wealthy planter. When the mansion was fully finished, lavish receptions were regularly organized in it. In 1831, there was a Christmas riot, during which the building was completely destroyed, for more than a century there were only ruins in its place. However, by 1966, the 3-storey mansion was restored, restoring its former beauty. Now this place is popular among newlyweds, the reason lies in the very beautiful surroundings.

Official website:

5. Doctors Cave Beach

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Vacationers on the beach of Doctors Cave

Continuing to describe interesting places, I would like to tell you about the sandy beaches of stunning beauty. One of their advantages is walking distance – they are easily accessible directly from the center. The beach is a strip formed by white sand 200 m wide, turquoise water, fully equipped changing rooms, showers. You will not have to get bored on the beach, because there are many bars and restaurants offering national cuisine. Fans of water sports will also like it there, and the possibility of scuba diving is offered.

6. The city of Falmouth

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Falmouth City View Tim Green

It is characterized as small, located in the northern part of the coast. Due to the presence of local plantations, the island state has become a leader in the production of sugar and rum all over the world. Now the port of Falmouth gives shelter to cruise liners that sail from Miami. The city itself was founded by the British back in 1769. It was distinguished from other settlements by planned development. The locals were especially proud of the fact that they had a water supply earlier than, for example, in New York. The rating of the described resort is quite high.

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7. Port Royal

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Fort Charles in Port Royal Raychristofer

Once this place was one of the most famous and popular harbors among pirates, the richest and most vicious city. The notoriety was brought here by Sir Henry Morgan, who was a frequent visitor to the harbor and became famous for raids on Spanish ships that sailed through the Caribbean. The pirates’ treasures allowed the city to grow rich at a high rate. In 1692, as a result of a powerful earthquake, many ships sank and people died. A considerable part of the settlement was swallowed up by the sea. After that there were hurricanes and fires. Today, the city is completely abandoned, but it is an interesting attraction in Jamaica.

8. The Martha Brae River

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Rafting down the Martha Brae River Barney Bishop

What to see in Jamaica? A constant stream of water, located an hour’s drive from Montego Bay, deserves attention. The river flows through a tropical forest, and it is known for the ancient legend that in a mysterious cave lucky people will be lucky to find Martha’s gold. There is a very interesting legend about this Jamaican landmark. According to her, Martha’s gold was guarded by an old witch who was once captured by greedy Spaniards. They wanted the old woman to lead them to the place where the precious metal was stored, but she managed to deceive them, and they drowned in the river. In order to punish the Spaniards for their greed, she changed the direction of the current.

9. The Blue Mountains and the John Crow Mountains

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Blue Mountain Peak in the Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains Park IUCNweb

What to visit in Jamaica? It is definitely worth visiting the national park, which is an untouched nature reserve. There you will find incredible mountain landscapes, dense forests, waterfalls, a large number of exotic plants and animals. The park is divided into 3 parts. If possible, climb the Blue Mountain, which is 2,256 m high. This can be done both on foot and on horseback. It is believed that this is the highest peak in all of Jamaica. On a sunny day, you can even see the island of Cuba from the top.

Official website: https://www.blueandjohn

10. Bob Marley Museum

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The facade of the Bob Marley dubdem sound system Museum

This Jamaican landmark was created in honor of the famous musician, guitarist, vocalist and composer in those parts. He was the best in the reggae style, so many years after his death, his fans do not forget about him. The museum is located in the house where Bob lived and recorded his hits at the same time, and it is located in Kingston. In 2001, the building was added to the list of national heritage sites, so it is under protection. The whole house is decorated with wall paintings made in rasta colors. You can take a photo against the background of the celebrity’s stage attire.

Official website: https://www.bobmarleymuseum

11. Fern Gully Road

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Fern Gully Road is one of the island’s attractions

Of all the attractions of Jamaica of natural origin, the road through the forest is considered one of the main ones. It has the appearance of tunnels formed by dense rows of trees, stretches for almost 5 km. The road was built in 1907, and now it is deservedly considered a miracle of nature. It originates in Ocho Rios.

12. Port Antonio

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The picturesque surroundings of the city of Port Antonio

This is a fairly quiet settlement of the island state, on the territory of which wealthy locals live. His recommendations are positive, because the place is very calm, devoid of fuss. On all sides, the city is surrounded by pristine jungles, in which the presence of a variety of exotic birds and butterflies is noted. What else is attractive about Port Antonio is its beautiful waterfalls, most of which plunge directly into the sea. In any case, a trip there will be remembered for the incredible scenery.

13. The Rio Grande River

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Beautiful scenery of the Rio Grande River

It is one of the largest on the island, and originates in the parish of Portland. Literally, the name translates as a Big river. If you are one of the rafting enthusiasts, then you are on the Rio Grande. Once bananas were transported from plantations on bamboo rafts, but now it is a great entertainment. From the reviews, you can find out that the duration of the descent along the river is 2-3 hours, everything starts from Baredale, and ends in Orange Bay. If you are afraid to sail on bamboo transport, you can give preference to a traditional rubber boat.

14. Weiss Falls (YS Falls)

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YS Falls Waterfall in the depths of tropical thickets

What to see in Jamaica? Attention should be paid to the waterfall, hidden in a secluded rural area. A relatively small number of tourists arrive there, so you can fully enjoy the natural beauty away from the hustle and bustle. You can get to the depths of the tropical thickets by tractor with a trailer for passengers. What is this landmark of Jamaica? These are cascades of water falling in huge volumes, consisting of 7 levels. Their total height is 36 m. Steps were built along the location of the vertical streams at one time, so that tourists would not get their feet wet. For those who like to swim in the icy water, there are natural reservoirs on each level. You don’t have to worry about safety, because there are lifeguards working next to each such pool.

Official website:

15. Trench Town

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Trench Town is one of the neighborhoods of Kingston by Kevon Rhiney and Romain Cruse

Continuing to describe where to go in Jamaica, let’s focus on the area that is considered the birthplace of such genres as reggae, ska, rocksteady. It is flanked by Maxfield Avenue and Colin Smith Drive, and is located in downtown Kingston, directly opposite the cemetery. If you want to appreciate the totality of the island nation’s features, go to the Trench Town area. But! Keep in mind that this is a poor neighborhood, a slum, with an appropriate crime rate. Before that, it doesn’t hurt to read reviews and reviews from those who have already been there.

16. Dolphin Cove

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Dolphin Attraction in Dolphin Cove

This Jamaican landmark is ideal for both adults and children to visit. This is a natural bay surrounded by lush tropics. It is special in that it offers the opportunity to get real dolphins as friends, and in their natural habitat. The same applies to other representatives of the fauna of the Caribbean Sea, even sharks. Many excursions in Jamaica are organized in this direction, and they are in great demand. If desired and financially available, you can try yourself as a dolphin trainer, the program is designed for 4 and 8 hours. Even staying in Dolphin Cove for the whole day, you will not get bored, because you can swim with sharks, study interesting paintings, travel through the jungle.

Official website: https://www.dolphindiscovery .

17. The Black River

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The unique nature of the Black River

Great swamps are formed by its waters, and small islets, mangroves, and lagoons are scattered over a vast territory. The river is deservedly one of the best attractions of the island state, because traveling by boat along it, you can observe tropical birds and even crocodiles in their natural habitat. Some even take dead chickens with them to lure the reptiles as close to the boat as possible and admire them to the fullest. And tours along the river begin from the town of the same name. You can get to it from nearby settlements by rented car or taxi.

18. The Mystical Mountain Amusement Park

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Water slide on top of a Mystical mountain on the background of Ocho Rios Kristine Full

What to see in Jamaica in 1 day? Go to Mystic Mountain Park and you won’t regret it. It offers activities such as bobsleigh riding along a mountain slope along a rainforest at high speed, bobsleigh rides are also organized under the Dunn River Falls Waterfall (a local landmark). Those who crave thrills are invited to climb 700 feet above the rainforest and admire the endless views. On the territory of one of the main attractions of Jamaica, you can fly over the lush vegetation of the rainforest.

Official website: https://www.rainforestadventure .

19. Royal Palm Nature Reserve

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Birds in the Royal Palm Runesm Nature Reserve

What else to see in Jamaica? Try to get into a calm and amazingly beautiful forest. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that representatives of more than 114 species of plants can be found on the territory. Have you ever seen a royal palm tree? It grows only here. The reserve is the second largest swampy area in the whole of Jamaica. There you can go fishing, enjoy walks, watch birds and crocodiles. You can get there by taxi from Negril Beach.

Official website: http://www.negriltravelguide .

Jamaica Attractions: what else to visit in Jamaica?

As it has already become clear, the island state has something to show the guests. This opportunity should be used to the maximum. In order not to spoil your vacation, take care of accommodation in advance, hotels in Jamaica are booked using special online services.

20. Devon House

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English-style park in front of Devon House

We are talking about one of the main monuments of national importance. This is a mansion that is more than 125 years old, and it is located in the center of the capital, in stark contrast to the noise and bustle characteristic of it. There is a park around it, where you can not only relax on the lawn, but also go shopping with great pleasure. The building was opened to the public in 1984, and 6 years later it was declared a national monument. Devon House was once the residence of the island nation’s first black millionaire. The style of the mansion can be called Jamaican-Georgian. Not surprisingly, it is on the list of places worth visiting in Jamaica.

Official website:

21. National Gallery of Jamaica

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Exhibit of the National Gallery of Jamaica Michael L. Dorn

Excursions in Jamaica include in their itinerary this oldest and largest museum of art, located in the English-speaking part of the Caribbean Islands. It contains works by local and foreign artists representing early, modern and modern trends. There are permanent and temporary expositions. The latter are created in order to promote different trends in art, works are taken by both recognized masters and young talents. If you’re lucky, you can get to the gallery’s largest event. This is the National Biennale, organized every even-numbered year. Keep in mind that every last Sunday of the month, admission to the museum is free for everyone.

Official website: https://nationalgalleryofjamaica .

22. Rich Waterfalls

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Swimming in the Rich Falls Waterfall Pool

What to see in Jamaica? Of course, a mountain waterfall with underwater caves. The advantage of this attraction is the opportunity to swim in the flowing water, as well as climb to the top.

23. Gloucester Avenue

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Tourists at the store in Montego Bay Jerrad Miller

It is located along the coast with incredibly beautiful views. It is home to a large number of nightclubs, restaurants, and souvenir shops. This means that after relaxing on the beach you can have a delicious meal, drink a cocktail or even have a night out at the disco. Given that Gloucester Avenue attracts wealthy foreigners, pickpockets and even drug dealers often operate there. For this reason, you should keep your savings with you so that your vacation is not hopelessly ruined. The Avenue is located near the airport, you can even get to it on foot, and taxis go from the hotels.

24. Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio

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Raft ride along the shore in the Blue lagoon Chaoleonard

At the end of the topic, what to visit in Jamaica, I would like to tell you about a tourist destination that is popular among families, couples in love. This place is especially because there is a lot of lush greenery, and the water has a cobalt color. A film about young Robinsons in a tropical paradise was shot there at the time. The blue lagoon was chosen for a reason, because the water in it seems enchanted, moreover, it changes color during the day. This is due to the mixing of fresh and sea water, divers often feel a sharp change in water temperature. Caribbean waves are generally warm, but underground springs are icy.

You will no longer have to ask your friends what to see in Jamaica, because you now have reliable information on the topic.

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