An excursion plane crashed in Tatarstan: three dead

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В Татарстане разбился экскурсионный самолёт: трое погибших

TASS reports that a Cessna-17 light-engine sightseeing plane crashed near the Kama Estuary near Mount Lobach in Tatarstan.

There were four people on board: the pilot and a family from Voronezh. Only the father of the family survived, his wife and child, as well as the pilot of the plane were killed.

According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, the tourists went on an aerial tour of the surroundings of the Kama Estuary with the company “Fly with us”. But at some point the plane dived sharply, hit the ground and caught fire. The male tourist managed to jump out and survived, suffering multiple fractures.

The circumstances of the incident are being investigated. Technical malfunction and pilot error are considered among the main causes of the crash.


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