Turkey may create a tourist police to control prices at resorts

Turkish resort town with text overlay about creating tourist police to control prices.

В Турции могут создать туристическую полицию для контроля цен на курортах

The Turkish tourism industry is concerned about complaints from foreigners about inflated prices in resort shops. According to Murat Akbal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Akbaldan Tourism, it is time to take measures and introduce a tourist police that will check retail outlets. 

“It is alarming that tourists often discuss exorbitant prices on social networks. Some foreigners write that they buy ice cream here for an average of 20 pounds and a can of Cola for 250 lire. It’s really very expensive. We must understand the damage that such a policy does to the industry in the long run. We need to work together to put an end to this. In particular, it is necessary to create a tourist police and carefully monitor sellers of goods and services. Tourism is our direct income in foreign currency, and we need to do everything necessary to preserve it,” Murat Akbal said.

It is worth noting that in Turkey, despite record statistics on tourist traffic, hotel occupancy at the height of the season is lower than expected. Hoteliers suggest that now vacationers are increasingly preferring economical hotels instead of the usual all-inclusive complexes. The situation could be partially saved by a decrease in the cost of placement, but the increase in costs due to inflation is a significant obstacle to this. 


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