A revolution among tour collections: new functionality from Tourvisor

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One of the most popular Russian tour and hotel search engines has new features.

Революция среди подборок туров: новый функционал от «Турвизор»

“The price of the tour in the Ivanov collection has increased.” “Tours were found cheaper from the tour operator X in the Sidorov collection.” “Tourist Petrov liked the hotel in the selection.” The new functionality of the tour search module for professionals “Tourvisor” will help you sell more and faster. We tell you how.


Революция среди подборок туров: новый функционал от «Турвизор»

Usually you create a selection and send it to a tourist… and you are waiting for him to respond to your offer or not. The functionality of the collections is usually exhausted. At most, you could add another tour or hide the selection altogether. It was like that before.

Now the collections themselves will work for you (and for you) after sending. Magic? Not at all!

So, remember:

  • sending a selection to a tourist;
  • with one click, you subscribe to receive notifications about price changes for tours from the selection;

Революция среди подборок туров: новый функционал от «Турвизор»

  • you continue to deal with other clients, and the system itself monitors prices;
  • if the price of tours in the selection increases or decreases, you will receive a notification.
  • if a more profitable tour with similar parameters appears from another tour operator, you will also receive a notification

Революция среди подборок туров: новый функционал от «Турвизор»

You will no longer have to spend time manually monitoring prices. The system itself will give you a good reason to contact the client and reasonably bring him to the booking. Well, for example: “Svetlana, I hasten to please you — I managed to find a cheaper version of your tour!”

Another interesting update is the ability to change the standard descriptions of hotels in the selection. You can focus on certain hotel options depending on who you are sending the selection to. For example, for families with children, a more detailed description of children’s clubs will be important, and for young couples — sports activities on site.

You can include your own recommendations and maybe even personal impressions in the description. If you are striving for an individual approach in working with tourists, this is just about him. It is very convenient that you can select an option from previously created and saved in the system, rather than “stuffing” a new description from scratch every time.

Революция среди подборок туров: новый функционал от «Турвизор»

Likes and dislikes for tours are another interesting feature of the collections from Tourvisor. The client studies the selection you sent him and reacts with a like/dislike icon next to each tour. He will no longer have to perform additional actions: to screen, comment or pronounce outlandish hotel names over the phone. And you have to think and guess what to offer and what accents to do.

Революция среди подборок туров: новый функционал от «Турвизор»

Thus, you save time on working with a tourist, you can offer a more individual approach and better conditions. You have arguments in your hands why you need to hurry up with booking and free time for other tourists.

Sell more and faster with selections from Tourvisor! The collections are free for all clients of the company.

You can test the new functionality for free. Just register using the link and get access to the system for 10 days. If you are already a customer of Tourvisor, registration is not required, use the collections now.

Share your opinion, how much do you think the new functionality is useful?


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