The improvement of the Suzdal lakes will be completed in September

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The final stage of the comprehensive improvement of the Suzdal Lakes will be completed in September 2024.

Благоустройство Суздальских озер завершится в сентябре

This was stated by the governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov.

On the eve of the summer holiday season of the townspeople, he checked the progress of work on the improvement of the cascade of the Suzdal lakes – Upper, Middle and Lower. The landscape and urban planning strategy for this area was developed almost five years ago. The project for each of the lakes took into account the wishes of the residents.

“The shores of the Suzdal lakes have long been abandoned, and since 2020 we have begun to put their southern side in order. This work has been going on in stages for the fifth year and will be completed this year – we will green up and additionally equip the territory near Lake Superior. The necessary funds have been allocated,” the governor said.

Over the years, each reservoir has developed its own “specialization”. Upper Suzdal Lake is more suitable for a beach holiday – there are several sand-covered areas, including one of the largest beaches in St. Petersburg – “Ozerki”. On the shores of the Middle Lake, you can meet lovers of outdoor activities on the water and fishing. And the northernmost and largest Lower Lake is a great place for secluded walks in the bosom of nature.


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