The glamping market in the Leningrad Region has slowed down its development

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 Рынок глэмпингов в Ленобласти замедлил свое развитие

A few years ago, a boom in glamping began in the Leningrad region — more expensive and “glamorous” campsites that combine recreation in picturesque places with the comfort of a hotel level.

According to Delovoy Peterburg, despite the fact that the number of such recreation centers continues to grow, experts believe that the intensity of market development has decreased. The business, which gained great popularity due to the fast construction time, relatively low construction costs and fast payback periods, turned out to be not so simple.

According to the Russian Glamping Association, there are 462 glamping sites in the country, of which 38 are in the Leningrad region. The region is ahead only of the Moscow region, where 56 projects are operating. According to St. Petersburg Real Estate, hut houses, safari tents and geo-domes make up 10% of the supply on the market of suburban accommodation facilities in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

According to the president of the Russian Glamping Association, Zhanna Kira, most of the projects are located along the road from St. Petersburg to Karelia. At the moment, the market is dominated by year-round glamping. Recreation centers that used to be summer are switching to all-season service.

According to the Ostrovok service, since the beginning of the year, the number of bookings in glamping in the Leningrad region has tripled. According to St. Petersburg Real Estate, the average cost of a glamping holiday per day is 6.8 thousand rubles on weekdays and 9.2 thousand rubles on weekends.

— In May, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region entered the top three most popular destinations for living in glamping. Russians usually book glamping for a day, the average check in May was 6.8 thousand rubles, – noted in the travel service MTC Travel.

At the same time, Anton Ignakov, the owner of the Vezika glamping, notices that consumer interest is shifting from expensive recreation centers to more affordable ones.

— Glampings are often located in unique locations where it is impossible to build traditional hotels, which makes the experience of accommodation in them unique in its own way. However, such a holiday cannot be called a budget one: in January—May, the average cost of a booked night in glamping is 9.3 thousand rubles, which is 16% higher than in 2023 (8 thousand rubles). The cost of living in glamping is comparable to four—star hotels, the Ostrovok press service explains.

According to experts, the development of the glamping market is hampered by the lack of elaboration of the legal field, confusing land relations and difficulties in finding investments. The remoteness of objects from the city also creates problems. It can be quite difficult to find staff who will be ready to change the usual civilization to nature.



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