Part of the buildings of the Apraksin yard will be reconstructed for a new shopping center

Close-up shot of colorful abstract art painting with shades of blue, green, and yellow swirls.

Smolny will conclude an agreement with the investor on the reconstruction and adaptation for modern use of the building on the territory of Apraksin yard.

Часть корпусов Апраксина двора реконструируют под новый торговый центр

The corresponding decision was approved the day before at a working meeting of the Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, with members of the city government.

The investor plans to carry out work on the restoration of part of the buildings of the oldest St. Petersburg market‑St. Petersburg and create a shopping complex here. The facades of the facility will be designed taking into account the historical architectural appearance of the Apraksin courtyard.

“The preservation and reconstruction of historical and cultural monuments is one of the most important tasks for St. Petersburg. It is important that investors also take part in its solution. The territory of the Apraksin yard needs renovation. Historically, the main function of this complex is trading, and the investor will keep it that way after the reconstruction of the building,” Alexander Beglov noted.



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