The Ministry of Finance announced changes in preferential mortgage programs

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The limit on preferential and family mortgages has been increased, as well as the conditions for the Far Eastern and Arctic programs have been expanded

 Минфин заявил об изменениях в льготных ипотечных программах

The government extended the Far Eastern and Arctic mortgages to the participants of the special operation and increased them to 9 million rubles. the maximum loan amount for the purchase of secondary housing in single-industry towns. This is reported on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

The ministry noted that the Family Mortgage, Preferential Mortgage, Far Eastern and Arctic Mortgage programs will continue to operate in Russia. It is clarified that the conditions for preferential mortgages will now be fixed in the “Electronic Budget”, and not in government resolutions. At the same time, the conditions for some programs change.

In particular, changes have been made to the Far Eastern and Arctic Mortgage program regarding the extension of the program to citizens who participated or previously participated in a special military operation, as well as to family members of persons who died in connection with the performance of tasks during a special military operation (without taking into account the conditions provided for in the program regarding age and the marital status of citizens),” the Ministry of Finance explained.

At the same time, doctors and teachers participating in these programs will no longer need five years of work experience. In addition, it increases from 6 million to 9 million rubles. the maximum loan amount for the purchase of secondary housing (apartments or houses) on the territory of single-industry towns, if the area of the dwelling exceeds 60 sq. m.

In addition, for family and preferential mortgages, the total limit on the amount of loans for which banks receive compensation for lost income has been increased by 200 billion and 150 billion rubles, to 4.84 trillion and 6.19 trillion rubles, respectively.

Family and preferential mortgage programs are valid until July 1, 2024. The authorities announced the extension of the family program until 2030, but with the adjustment of parameters. In particular, the current rate of 6% will remain for families with children under six years old. The conditions of the program for families with older children are currently being worked out. One of the options being considered is to raise the interest rate on preferential mortgages for families with children over six years old to 12% per annum.


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