1.2 thousand apartments for sale in Khrushchev in St. Petersburg

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 В Петербурге продаётся 1,2 тыс. квартир в хрущёвках

In May 2024, 1,227 apartments in the so-called Khrushchevki are for sale in the secondary real estate market of St. Petersburg. The volume of supply has increased by 11.2% or 124 lots since March this year. These are the data of the Experts of the Nevsky Prostor real estate agency.

The widest selection of apartments in Khrushchev St. Petersburg is now presented in the format of 2-room apartments. There are 630 lots for sale in this segment.

The most modest choice in May 2024 is presented in the format of 4-room apartments. There are 52 objects in total. At the same time, in March of this year, the volume of supply was at the level of 44 units.

Today, the cheapest apartment in Khrushchev in St. Petersburg is for sale for 3.8 million rubles. This budget will allow you to purchase a 1-room apartment in Krasnoselsky district. The area of the facility is 33 sq. m.

Alla Shinkevich, General Director of the Nevsky Prostor Real Estate Agency:

— Different people interpret the term “Khrushchev” in different ways. Classic Khrushchev houses are panel houses with small apartments: one-room, two-room, up to four-room. The latter occupy only 48-49 square meters.

Interestingly, designers have already developed many projects for the redevelopment of these four-bedroom apartments into chic euro-three-bedroom apartments or spacious two-bedroom apartments with a large kitchen-living room. But, of course, the quality of the houses themselves leaves much to be desired, and the contingent of residents is very diverse.

Sometimes five-storey brick houses with bay windows or balconies are also classified as Khrushchevks, which, in essence, are not classic Khrushchevks, but sometimes they are so called. Nevertheless, these brick five-storey buildings are considered more prestigious and cost a lot of money. Locals and visitors appreciate them for their well-groomed appearance and good service.

As for the apartments in Vasileostrovsky district, for example, 44 square meters, they are probably located in brick houses that look like Khrushchevki, since there are simply no panel Khrushchevki on Vasilyevsky Island.



Источник: www.bsn.ru

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