IPG.Estate: An IT company has rented an office in the Derzhavinsky Business Center

IPG.Estate: IT-компания арендовала офис в БЦ «Державинский»

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IT company ITentika has rented a two-level loft-style design office with an area of 700 sq.m in the business center of class B+ Derzhavinsky. IPG consulting company acted as a consultant to the transaction.Estate.

ITentika was founded in 2022 on the basis of the development center of the international company DataArt and is part of N3.Group, an investment management company with a focus on technology projects. www.itentika.ru

The Derzhavinsky Business Center is a Class B+ facility located in the Admiralteysky district at 5 Derzhavinsky Lane. The total area of the facility is 9,649 sq.m.

According to the tenant, the decision to move was made quite quickly. The Derzhavinsky Business Center met the request in terms of the quality of the facility, technical characteristics, engineering infrastructure, and location. It is worth noting separately that the new office is stylistically in tune with the company’s offices in other Russian cities.

Veronika Chakanova, Partner, Head of the IPG office Group.Estate:

“Historically, IPG.Estate specializes in working with IT companies. Our consultants know how to work with requests with sufficiently high requirements in terms of engineering and technical characteristics. We are glad that after the outflow of a number of international IT companies, demand is now recovering from Russian IT. Moreover, we are glad to return to cooperation with the teams that previously collaborated with us under international brands. It is not the first time we have opened an office for the ITentika team and, observing the active growth and development of our client, we hope for further cooperation.

Lyubov Smirnova, Head of the St. Petersburg office of ITentika:

“The decision to move to a new office was due to several factors. One of them was a request to expand the space for joint meetings with both the ITentika team and our partners and clients. The new premises have several meeting rooms with a total capacity of up to 100 people, which allows them to hold both small client meetings and seminars and conferences for the development of the IT community in St. Petersburg. We would like to thank IPG once again.Thank you for your prompt work and individual approach to our requests.”

Источник: ipg-estate.ru

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