Forecast: Prices for new buildings will remain high

A decrease in mortgage demand for secondary apartments will force owners to postpone its sale and plans to buy new apartments.

Прогноз: Цены на новостройки останутся высокими

Oleg Kolchenko, Managing Partner of Osnova Group, shared this forecast.

According to him, homeowners will be more willing to put it on the rental market, as housing rental rates will increase in conditions of expensive mortgages.

At the same time, in the market of new buildings, according to the expert, demand will grow. It is possible that just the part of buyers who will postpone the purchase of new housing due to the completion of a preferential mortgage will be replaced by customers from the secondary market who will reorient themselves to the market of new buildings.

“In any case, the demand for new buildings will be supported. This means that prices in the primary market will remain high with a tendency to increase by 5-10% per year,” Oleg Kolchenko believes.


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