People just need an increase in real incomes – expert on the introduction of housing deposits in the Russian Federation

The government and the Central Bank have already supported a bill on the creation of such a new type of savings instrument as housing deposits. A market expert shared her opinion on this issue.

Люди просто нуждаются в росте реальных доходов – эксперт о введении в РФ жилищных вкладов


Asya Levneva, Director of the Marketing and Sales Department of Baltiyskaya Zhemchuzhina CJSC:

To comment on this initiative, it is necessary to summarize the main points of the bill. Borrowers invest their money and after that they can no longer use it for any other purpose other than the purchase of housing. The percentage on this deposit will not be higher than on others, and there are no subsidies from the state either.

At the same time, according to the idea of the legislators, there is a bonus for the depositor, nevertheless – these are the obligations of the bank to provide the depositor with a mortgage loan in the future. If the requirements for borrowers increase, the bonus is not bad. However, everything is not so simple here either. Credit organizations have the right to refuse the applicant if he has any debt in excess of 30 thousand rubles for a period of more than 30 days. As a result, with the current creditworthiness of the population, there will most likely be few applicants for a mortgage.

Under such conditions, it is still unclear what should become the driving force for people to use housing deposits en masse. After all, if the interest on them is the same as on ordinary deposits, then why consciously limit yourself in the possibilities of using your own accumulated funds? Living conditions in the world and in the country are changing rapidly today, so today a family may have a priority to buy an apartment, and tomorrow – expensive treatment.

Perhaps there are other more attractive proposals in the document for potential investors, or it will be finalized, but so far they seem to be trying to decide for people what they need more, because they themselves cannot. But they can, they have long been reasonable and full-fledged market participants. In order to buy real estate, they just need real income growth.

The news on this topic is on March 7, 2024, And this is provided that they will save 50% of their salary.


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