How apartments in Dubai surprise foreigners

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Чем квартиры в Дубае удивляют иностранцев

Dubai developers offer a variety of real estate options. Villas and apartments with high-quality modern finishes and furnishings are widely represented on the market, which are strikingly different from the old foundation. The offers are tailored to different tastes and budgets. Let’s look at the specifics of the real estate market in Dubai and what is worth knowing for those planning investments in houses and apartments in the Emirates.

The attractiveness of Dubai apartments for foreigners

The UAE holds a leading position in terms of the number of foreign investments, Dubai is the most attractive location due to the rapid pace of development. Investments in local real estate remain potentially profitable, as it is steadily becoming more expensive and in high demand. An equally high return can be obtained from renting out housing. The profitability coefficient depends on the specific facility and averages 5-8% per annum.

A number of investors prefer to use a short-term strategy. If you buy an apartment in Dubai from a developer at the start of sales, after the completion of the complex it can be sold for 20-30% more expensive. These incomes are not taxed, therefore, minus the necessary registration fees, the owner receives a net profit.

Чем квартиры в Дубае удивляют иностранцев

Design and architecture

The design of apartments in Dubai depends on the specific project. In the premium segment, the facilities are striking in their luxury. The use of natural expensive materials, such as noble woods, marble, travertine, emphasizes the status of housing. Panoramic windows offer stunning views, and balconies and terraces with private pools create additional relaxation areas in a private setting.

Budget apartments are more minimalistic. This direction is characterized by a clear geometry of lines, neutral colors and the absence of unnecessary details. This style allows you to create concise but comfortable interiors.

An important feature of Dubai apartments is that many developers cooperate with famous brands and designers such as Lamborghini, de Grisogono, Jacob & Co, Cavalli. Such collaborations allow you to create unique spaces with a unique author’s design.

Innovative solutions in architecture

Dubai’s best developers strive to surprise buyers. In elite complexes, the desire for innovation is especially noticeable. The emirate has buildings in the shape of a picture frame, a glass cube, a seashell, a cascading waterfall and a palace in a rainforest. Such projects become local attractions.

The influence of local culture

Features of traditional and modern Arabic architecture are often found in the design of housing. Among them are:

  • geometry of lines – arches, columns, courtyard, Majlis;
  • Arabic patterns. They can be applied as decoration on walls and ceilings;
  • the palette of shades is beige, sand, golden color scheme;
  • decorative elements. Oriental-style lamps and cushions with bright ornaments can be used to create an authentic atmosphere.

Innovations and technologies

One of the features of Dubai real estate is the use of modern technology. Careful design and the use of 3D printing during the construction of buildings open up wide possibilities and allow you to experiment with the geometry of shapes. The residences are equipped with air conditioning and energy saving systems. There are projects equipped with solar panels, and houses that provide air filtration from pollen, smoke and foreign odors, as well as water purification. Among the latest trends is lighting, which adjusts the circadian rhythms of residents.

Technological amenities and intelligent systems

The integration of the smart home system is becoming more and more in demand. Apartments in Dubai are usually equipped with devices that allow you to control lighting, climate, security and multimedia installations using smartphones or voice commands.

Чем квартиры в Дубае удивляют иностранцев

Landscape and environment

Special attention is paid to landscape design. A country with a very hot climate cannot boast of lush greenery, so developers are taking all measures to revitalize the surrounding area. Gardens and parks are laid out near the complexes, alleys are planted, lawns are laid. A specially designed irrigation system allows you to moisten the soil in a timely manner and create comfortable conditions for plants even under the scorching sun. Crops are selected in such a way that they are adapted to the heat.

Panoramic views are a characteristic feature of UAE real estate, so from the windows of many skyscrapers you can admire the sea, green fairways and golf courses, landscaped parks and nature reserves.

Environmental friendliness

The country is striving to reduce the negative impact on the environment during the construction process. Developers are actively using modern technologies aimed at reducing emissions and reducing energy consumption. An important step is the construction of environmentally sustainable buildings that minimize water and energy consumption. Also, environmentally friendly materials are used in construction and modern waste disposal methods are used. Therefore, if you are interested in green technologies and you are planning investments, the UAE will be an excellent choice.

Impact on the international market

Dubai real estate has a significant impact on the global market:

  • The city attracts investors from all over the world due to its stable economy and high rental yields. Many foreign buyers purchase apartments in Dubai as an option to expand their investment portfolio.
  • The popularization of tourism contributes to high demand. The more foreigners visit the UAE, the higher the demand for housing. For investors, this is an opportunity to generate income, and for the state – to attract foreign capital.

The Government of the Emirate is actively developing the real estate sector and creating favorable conditions for investors, which contributes to the growth of this sector and its attractiveness to foreign buyers.

Dubai is famous for its skyscrapers and architectural innovations. Projects such as the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, the Burj Al Arab Hotel and the Palm Jumeirah archipelago attract the attention of the world’s media and investors, increasing the competitiveness of the city in the international market.

Features of apartments in the UAE for foreigners

Real estate has its own specifics in each country, and the Emirates is no exception. A distinctive feature of local housing is the tendency of developers to luxury. The abundance of gilding and marble in the decoration for foreigners is often the main oddity of Dubai apartments. There are other features as well.

Special characteristics that distinguish apartments in Dubai

A few facts that may be unusual for residents of other countries:

  • The term “1-bedroom apartment” refers to housing with at least 2 rooms, where the bedroom is isolated and the living room is combined with the kitchen.
  • The apartment is rented with finishing. Many developers offer not only finishing repairs, but also furniture and household appliances. This allows you to check in immediately after the delivery.
  • The number of bathrooms usually matches the number of bedrooms. Spacious residences usually also have a separate guest bathroom.

What else should be considered before buying?

Today, the apartments, which are more than 10 years old, are considered obsolete by the Dubai foundation. Among the advantages of such housing is a more attractive price. However, its maintenance can be much more expensive, since it was built without the use of energy-saving technologies that are actively involved in modern complexes.

The air conditioning system is an integral part of life in the country. In the old housing, air conditioners are not installed everywhere. In new complexes, they are provided for by the project even before the start of construction. And here it is important to take into account that the format of payment for services may be different. In some cases, the owners pay for the system itself, as well as pay for the actual consumption of electricity. Other developers include an air conditioning system in the communal property, and in this case the consumer pays only for electricity.

Чем квартиры в Дубае удивляют иностранцев

The specifics of investments in local housing

Investors should pay attention to a number of points:

  • Square footage. The attractive cost of housing does not always correspond to sufficient free space. Sometimes developers launch promotions for which the cost of 1 m2 is lower than that of competitors, but upon a detailed study of the layout, you can find that the apartments will be smaller in size. By law, an area error of up to 5% is acceptable.
  • Interest–free installments are not a myth. Local construction companies can offer multi-year payment plans, which are valid even after the completion of the complex. No interest is accrued on the missing amount.
  • Difficulties may arise with the resale of housing at the construction stage. This is not prohibited by law, however, in most contracts there is a threshold for the amount that the owner must pay before reselling the object. It usually ranges from 30 to 50%. This measure is designed to reduce speculation.


The local market is diverse. Apartments in Dubai for foreigners are oriented towards different taste preferences. They are united by high quality and comfort, which are achieved, among other things, thanks to the developed infrastructure of the complexes. Our portal presents an up-to-date database of ads from developers and agencies. Managers will help you find and buy a house in Dubai. Start choosing right now!


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