Do I Need To Coordinate The Installation Of An Air Conditioner In The Apartment?

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Нужно Ли Согласовывать Установку Кондиционера В Квартире?

In the summer heat, everyone wants refreshing coolness, and installing an air conditioner in an apartment can help with this. But the outdoor unit of the split system, as a rule, is mounted on the facade of the house, and this must be done strictly within the law, warns Viktor Fedoruk, an expert on housing law and housing reform problems, otherwise the dream of coolness can turn into litigation and unnecessary expenses.

— The outdoor unit of the air conditioner is installed on the facade of the house, which is not the property of a specific apartment owner, the facade is a communal property, — Viktor Fedoruk reminds. — Therefore, the installation of an air conditioner must be coordinated without fail, even if the outdoor unit is located on the roof of an apartment building or on the balcony of an apartment.

You can protect yourself from trouble by obtaining the consent of the tenants of an apartment building. 

— The permit is issued by the general meeting of owners, — explains Viktor Fedoruk. — Moreover, it can be either individual, for the installation of an air conditioner in a specific apartment, or general, allowing everyone to mount elements of climate technology on the facade of the house. In the latter case, all the conditions are prescribed, the observance of which is necessary for the installation of air conditioners.

Illegal installation of an air conditioner is fraught with consequences. 

— Structures installed on the facade of the house without the permission of the general meeting of owners may require dismantling, — warns Viktor Fedoruk. — If the owner refuses to do this voluntarily, then he will be obliged through the court to remove the air conditioner and restore the previous condition of the facade — to seal up all the holes, bring the appearance to its original state.


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