A year without a low season: the demand of Russians for real estate abroad is growing even in summer

Год без низкого сезона: спрос россиян на недвижимость за рубежом растёт даже летом

This year, Russians invest real estate abroad most often to create a “spare airfield” — to obtain a second passport or residence permit, transfer capital and purchase housing in a location where, if desired, they can move in the future.

The main destinations are Turkey and the UAE, which have accounted for 20% and 11% of applications, respectively, since the beginning of the year. Russians are still looking for and buying real estate in Spain (10%), Greece (8%), Italy, France and Montenegro (5% each). Tranio analysts have studied how the choice of investors differs in different regions of Russia.

In the summer, the regions took up the initiative, but Muscovites are still investing more

At the beginning of 2022, the growth in demand for foreign real estate in the capital was ahead of the regional one, but in the summer the regions took over the initiative. In July, the share of applications from Moscow decreased from 44% to 41% in Russia, and the share of applications from St. Petersburg grew to 12.1%, and from the Krasnoyarsk Territory — to 5.6%.

Год без низкого сезона: спрос россиян на недвижимость за рубежом растёт даже летом

For seven months of this year, Turkey has become the favorite of Muscovites: it accounts for a third of all requests for the purchase of real estate abroad, and the share has increased 4.5 times over the year. Real estate in Dubai became the second most popular among investors from Moscow — in 2022, the share of applications for this area increased 10 times.

According to Tranio, in January-July 2022, Muscovites are still ready to spend more real estate abroad than residents of the regions – 20 million euros made up the maximum budget of clients from the capital, although in July Moscow lost first place in the budget of Yakutia. The median budget of the application from Moscow in July amounted to 332 thousand euros — a third more than a year earlier.

The northwestern regions choose Dubai, and the central regions choose Turkey

Demand for real estate in the UAE has soared in the regions of the Northwestern District – at the beginning of the year, the country entered the top 10 popular destinations for the first time, and in the summer it took the first place among investors in this part of Russia. In January-July 2022, almost a third of applications from the Northwestern Federal District accounted for real estate in Dubai, and the total number of requests, even excluding St. Petersburg, increased by 30%.

This year Turkey and The UAE is gaining popularity throughout Russia, but only in the Northwestern District is real estate in the Emirates more in demand than Turkish.

In the Murmansk region, they are ready to spend more on real estate than in other regions of the North-West. From January to July, Murmansk received an application with the highest budget — 700 thousand euros for apartments in Dubai. During the same period, the median budget for the Northwestern District increased by 8% and amounted to 270 thousand euros.

Meanwhile, Turkey has become the absolute leader in central Russia, the share of applications for the purchase of real estate in this country has increased by more than 10 times. Interest in Thailand has also increased in the Central Federal District regions — in January-July, the share of applications in this area increased 4 times.

Thailand remains a popular destination among Russian buyers: since the beginning of the year, this country accounts for about 4% of all requests. In the autumn, we expect an increase in applications and real estate transactions in Thailand.

Investors from The Volga region and the Caucasus regions have increased their budgets

Since the beginning of the year in In the Volga region, the budget for real estate abroad increased by 31% compared to last year, according to Tranio statistics. Previously, buyers from The Volga region was more likely to choose sites in Spain, Italy, Greece and the USA. In 2022, demand turned to the East: the share of applications for the UAE increased more than 6 times, Turkey — 3 times, Thailand — 1.5 times. France (+22%) and Cyprus (+83%) have become more popular among European destinations.

Five regions of the Volga Federal District entered the top 10 in terms of budget for January-July’22 at once: Tatarstan and Bashkortostan shared 5th place in Russia with the largest budget of 5 million euros, Nizhny Novgorod was in 8th place with 2.5 million euros, and Samara and Saratov – in 9th place with 2 million euros. The median budget for the district increased by almost a third and amounted to 269,000 euros.

Top 10 regions of Russia by application budget in January-July 2022

In the south of Russia and on There is still a high demand for European real estate in the Urals

Turkey and the UAE have become the most popular destinations for investors from the southern regions, as well as throughout Russia, this year, but real estate in Europe is still in demand here. Portugal and Montenegro are now gaining popularity among European destinations in the south of Russia, while interest in Spain and Greece remains. Although these countries are considered “unfriendly”, Russian investors can still apply for “golden visas” to Spain and Portugal.

In Spain and Golden visas are still available to Portuguese citizens of Russia, and many of our clients want to participate in these programs. In Greece, Russians currently cannot get a “golden visa” if they do not have another citizenship.

However, customers from Russia has already bought 7 apartments in the new Tranio development project in Athens, which started this year. Buyers plan to apply for a residence permit in Greece later, after waiting for the resumption of applications from Russians or receiving a second passport.

Год без низкого сезона: спрос россиян на недвижимость за рубежом растёт даже летом

In the Urals, there is also a continuing demand for properties in Spain, Greece and Montenegro, and the share of applications for real estate in France has even increased almost 2 times. Interest in this country is associated with more favorable conditions for a residence permit: wealthy foreigners can apply for French citizenship after 5 years of permanent residence, whereas in many other countries In the EU, such a right arises only after 7-10 years of residence in the status of a resident.

The number of countries where Russians are looking for and buying real estate has decreased slightly this year. Clients from the Ural regions submitted applications for 19 countries in 7 months of 2022, and for the same period a year earlier — for 21 countries. Subject to restrictions, Russians can buy real estate in all those regions of the world that were in demand in previous years.

Siberians have become interested in southern countries, and investors in the Far East have become interested in Asian regions

In 7 months of this year, demand for real estate abroad in Siberia increased by 33% compared to the same period last year. Siberians prefer countries with affordable real estate prices: the median budget decreased by 20% and amounted to 192 thousand euros.

Previously, buyers from the Siberian District were more likely than investors from other regions to look for properties in the countries of the northern hemisphere: the USA, Canada, Finland and The Baltic States. But for In January-July 2022, demand shifted to warmer countries: the share of applications for Turkey increased more than 4 times, for Thailand — 1.5 times and Montenegro — almost 2 times.

Despite the geographical proximity, Siberia is not so often interested in Southeast Asia: only real estate in Thailand is in high demand. Siberians are still more interested in Europe, and this year two new locations are gaining popularity — Slovenia and Hungary.

And Asian destinations have always been popular in the Far East. In January-July 2022, the share of real estate applications in the regions of the Far Eastern District increased by 24%. Thailand, which was in the lead last year. Interest in Indonesia and Vietnam has increased, although these countries are not included in the top 10 applications.

Год без низкого сезона: спрос россиян на недвижимость за рубежом растёт даже летом

According to Tranio, in July, the maximum budget for Russia was fixed in the application in Yakutia — 6 euros for the purchase of real estate in Dubai. The median budget for the regions of the Far East for 7 months of the year amounted to 275 thousand euros, which is 70% more than last year. Over the same period, demand increased by 38% compared to last year, with buyers from Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories, each of which accounted for about a third of the applications from the Far Eastern District.


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Application budget



20 000 000 €


Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug

19 218 000 €


Rostov region

6 654 000 €



6 000 000 €




5 000 000 €


Stavropol Territory

4 500 000 €


St. Petersburg

Sverdlovsk region

3 000 000 €


Nizhny Novgorod region

2 500 000 €


Samara region

Saratov region

2 000 000 €


Krasnoyarsk Territory

Kaliningrad region

1 950 000 €