Will Turkey become cheaper, and what alternatives will be available to Russians in the summer? Tour operators have revealed their plans

Подешевеет ли Турция, и какие альтернативы летом будут доступны россиянам? Туроператоры раскрыли свои планы

Will Turkey become cheaper, and what alternatives will be available to Russians in the summer? The answer to this question was voiced for ATOR by the CEO of the Space Travel tour operator Artur Muradyan. According to him, there are chances to see “interesting price offers” in Turkey, but the destination is unlikely to be more affordable for reasons beyond the control of the travel business — this is primarily an increase in the exchange rate. The expert also noted that Turkey’s main competitors will maintain their positions in summer sales.

First of all, the expert noted that Turkey will definitely remain the “number one” destination in the outbound market and there are no prerequisites for the demand for tours to decrease. As for prices, here is the forecast from Mr. Muradian. “Perhaps, while maintaining the volume of air transportation at the level of last year, we will see a more interesting price offer for Turkey by reducing the price of air tickets. However, it is impossible to say unequivocally that Turkey will be more accessible this year, including at the start of the season.”

The reasons for this do not depend much on tour operators, since the main one is a higher exchange rate against the ruble compared to April 2023. “If a year earlier they asked for 80-85 rubles for euros, now the exchange rate is around 100 rubles. If the exchange rate is lower by the end of the year, then the ruble cost of tours to Turkey will decrease,” Mr. Muradyan added.

At the same time, he noted that Turkey’s main competitors in the last summer season, which are considered to be “winter” destinations, will remain in the top. These include the UAE, Egypt and Thailand. Egypt will be in demand due to attractive summer prices, the situation is similar with the UAE — despite the fact that “due to the active introduction and use of technologies that can change the climate of deserts and cause precipitation in the dry summer season” there will most likely not be an incredible heat in the summer in the UAE, there is a high chance that the temperature there and in Turkey will be almost the same.

“The situation in the outbound tourism market remains stable compared to last year. There were no new foreign destinations on the tourist market in the summer season, and it is unlikely that this will happen in the next winter season,” the expert summed up.

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