Where to go to Turkey on vacation 2024 with children

There are many popular resorts in Turkey designed for families with children, where you can go with friends.

Many hotels provide children’s play complexes, babysitting services, and a children’s room. Guides and animators arrange excursions around the hotel, play with children, and organize evening entertainment. There are also water attractions and swimming pools on the territories.

Which hotel to choose for a family holiday in Turkey

Where to go to Turkey, if not to the popular resorts of Alanya and Kemer. There are other villages and districts where accommodation with children will be comfortable and convenient not only for parents.

Куда поехать в Турцию на отдых 2024 с детьми

The most pressing question is whether the child will be able to occupy himself with anything? Similar questions arise from parents of children whose age has already reached 2-3 children. It is worth noting that some hotels define the category of guests as “children”, up to 14-17 years old. Therefore, those who are younger definitely stay in such hotels.

To organize leisure time for both children and parents, it is worth studying in advance the information about what exactly the hotel is ready to provide, what exciting programs there are, and how, in general, a child can spend a vacation if he leaves his parent for a few hours.

  • Accommodation — almost all hotels indicate the possibility of getting an extra bed. It can be a cot or a “+1” sleeping place. But if the size of the room does not allow it to be accommodated, you need to be ready to pay extra for a more spacious apartment.
  • Food — in Turkish hotels, almost everywhere there is a separate children’s menu and a diet menu (which implies meals, as in kindergartens). Of the many dishes, there are simple delicious dishes — rice, mashed potatoes, baby juices, vegetables and even crackers.
  • The beach season in Turkish hotels starts on April 1 and ends on October 31. At the beginning of the season, the sea is still cool, and at the end it is warm, but the weather may not always be pleasant. In such cases, many people prefer a heated pool. However, this service is not available everywhere. Almost all pools, designed even to a depth of 50 cm, may not have heating due to the small amount of water.
  • Recreation area and park — in the summer, parents will have to put their children to bed for a nap. If there is a park area, this is an ideal option for travelers with strollers. Sun loungers in the shade near the seashore are a great lullaby for any baby.
  • Children’s clubs — the very opportunity to relax while the child is busy playing games. As a rule, hotels for families with children always provide playgrounds on the street, an indoor entertainment town and rooms for classes. For 2-3 hours, animators will be fascinating to sculpt something with children, show them cartoons in Russian or Turkish, conduct master classes on “how to make a photo frame”.
  • Leisure — Many family-type hotels arrange themed after-dinner parties. While the guests are having dinner, the territory turns into a masquerade ball, where small trampolines and attractions can stand. On such evenings, contests are held, children can ride cars, look at clowns and see how animators walk on stilts.

Куда поехать в Турцию на отдых 2024 с детьми

Additionally, paid entertainment complexes can be installed on the territory of the hotel. For example, 3D movies, table tennis, a device with toys. It must be said right away that the establishments at the hotel carry out sanitary treatment of all areas, which cannot be said about the private children’s business. Toys and sweets bought with money from vending machines can be of very poor quality.

The best resorts in Turkey for families with children

Where to go to Turkey to spend time with the whole family — of course, the Mediterranean coast. The most popular destinations are resorts in Side, Bodrum, Belek, Alanya, Fethiye and Kemer. For many decades, tours to these areas have remained the most attractive for tourists, and demand is growing every year.

To be guided by the advantages, it is worth noting some advantages and features:

Alanya and Side Almost all resorts are located on sandy beaches. The entry into the water is smoother, there is no sharp deepening.
Fethiye and Bodrum Mostly there are pebble and sandy-pebble beaches, the entrance to the water is steeper. The water is a little cooler, but the sea is cleaner. Some resorts vaguely resemble Greece and the European coasts of the seas.
Belek There are many attractions, beautiful nature and there is almost always shade in the summer heat. There are many activities in the active recreation areas, equestrian sports are very developed, as well as the beaches are well—groomed and clean.
Kemer This is a separate holiday destination for those who love both the sea and the mountains. The area is colorful with pine forests, beautiful landscapes — almost everywhere the entrance to the hotel lies through a serpentine. There are rocks on one side and the sea on the other, as if you are in Italy. Although, there is also a view of the Mediterranean Sea. The hotels are placed as if the buildings encircle coniferous trees, preserving nature.

Depending on the preferences, tourists are offered a vacation with beautiful sea views. Those who love sunsets and sunrises will definitely choose the right side of the hotel accommodation.

Lonicera World 4*, Alanya

The hotel is located in the Asian part of the Mediterranean coast in Fugla Bay. In terms of area, it occupies an impressive territory of the Anatolian Gulf, reaching 135,000 sq.m. 130 m from the hotel there is a well-equipped sandy beach of Incekum with safe access to the sea.

Куда поехать в Турцию на отдых 2024 с детьми

Nearby there are children’s attractions, which are already included in the price:

  • 4 large direct descent slides;
  • 3 small slides for schoolchildren;
  • 2 small slides for a joint descent with parents or a single descent;
  • 10 freestanding slides for kids;
  • 4 small outdoor pools;
  • 4 large pools;
  • 2 heated indoor swimming pool areas;
  • 6 zones with Jacuzzi.

There is also animation for children of different ages, a children’s bar club where delicious drinks are sold, a mini disco where dancing and mugs are held. Children can participate in contests and win prizes at the expense of the hotel.

Also located near the sea is the Aqua Lonicera water park, whose area reaches 5,200 sq.m. A quiet garden and a park area with sun loungers, tables and a mini-TV with cartoons are designed for relaxation.

Lonicera World has an Al concept, and in the evenings the hotel organizes entertainment shows for adults and children. Themed parties are held 6 days a week, and tennis courts are open. In the morning, you can attend aerobic water classes with children, play darts or volleyball. Animators can play with children in their free time from the children’s club.

Dosi 4*, Side

Where to go to Turkey, if not in Side with its southwestern antique architecture and developed infrastructure. The hotel is located on the 2nd line from the sea, 700 m from the public sandy beach of Kumkoi and 1200 m from its own with shuttle buses.

Куда поехать в Турцию на отдых 2024 с детьми

Towels must be purchased separately — 7 euros /6 days, sun beds and umbrellas are free. There are also swimming pools on the territory, two of which are with fresh water and 1 with children’s water slides.

Animators work especially for kids on the playground during the day.

  • 4 animators hold contests after lunch;
  • active sports for children take place after lunch;
  • in the morning there is a children’s club with a variety of sports sections;
  • In the evening, children can watch animation and performances by invited artists — with or without their parents.

Куда поехать в Турцию на отдых 2024 с детьми

Parties and dance shows are also held in the evenings. Live music allows you to completely relax. There is a shuttle bus on the territory, which operates on a stable schedule for 8 days with a break for a day.

The restaurant offers not only European and Asian cuisine:

  • breakfast: 7:00 — 10:00 — there is a children’s menu and free high chairs;
  • Snacks are served from 12:00 to 15:00;
  • full lunch from 12:00 to 14:00;
  • buns with tea can be enjoyed from 16:00 to 17:00;
  • Dinner starts at 19:00 and lasts 2 hours;
  • The late dinner lasts 1 hour until 24:00.

In addition, there are bars on site:

  • The pool bar is open from 10:00 to midnight;
  • The lobby bar is open from 11:00 to 24:00;
  • there are paid bars on the beach — from 10:00 to night.

The Al system is open from 10:00 to midnight and includes all locally produced drinks, as well as snacks and full meals. You can also buy bottled drinks, various alcohol, ice cream, Turkish coffee; freshly squeezed juice for children and cocktails. Parents can also rent a stroller for 4 euros/hour, Internet for 2 euros/hour.

Cactus Fleur Beach Club 4*, Bodrum

The complex is located in Yalikavak village of Bodrum district. The number of rooms is 156 apartments, which are located in buildings of 2-storey buildings and in 2 and 3-storey bungalows. You can get to Bodrum through Milos Airport, to which a shuttle service is organized.

The road to the hotel is 50 km, which is quite close compared to other complexes. The residential complex is located on the 1st coastline, 120 m from its own sandy and pebble beach. Its length is 70 m and includes piers with a length of 50 m.

Куда поехать в Турцию на отдых 2024 с детьми

There is an Al program, which does not include towels (deposit and replacement — 1 euro per day). Sun loungers with cushions and umbrellas are provided free of charge.

The following restaurants are available on site:

  • kebab restaurant – from 19:30 to 22:30 by pre—ordering a table for free once a day;
  • rybny — open from 19:00 for 3 hours, reservation for a visit for 10 people maximum, 10 euros/place;
  • The main restaurant is open from 7:00 to 23:00.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in a standard buffet package. Between main meals, guests can have brunch, snacks, try pastries and attend a late dinner.

The bars also work according to the schedule:

  • The Sailors bar is open from 18:00 to 23:30;
  • laughing parrot invites visitors to taste delicious drinks from 19:00 for 4 hours;
  • The snack bar is open from morning to 18:00;
  • The service bar is open throughout the day.

Local alcoholic beverages, ice cream for dinner, seafood can also be tasted in the restaurant. For an additional fee, guests are offered imported snacks with the same drinks, ice cream, and freshly squeezed juices. Children can order food from the children’s menu, but it is only available in the morning and afternoon tea.

Suncity Hotel & Club 4*, Fethiye, Oludeniz

Where to go on vacation so that children of different ages can find entertainment to their liking, without being bored during the day, are frequent questions from parents who plan a vacation with the whole family. There are many hotels in Turkey that offer playgrounds and entertainment complexes.

Куда поехать в Турцию на отдых 2024 с детьми

But it is this one that adequately welcomes guests, wherever they are:

  • Upon arrival, the hotel congratulates guests on a successful trip, and offers a quick check-in.
  • Preschool children can be given a stroller and even a cradle so that the child can sleep.
  • Teenagers will love the daytime disco, where there are free drinks.
  • Beach parties and contests open in the evening, parents can participate with their children.
  • Food and drinks are served not only in the restaurant and bars, but also on the beach, pier and bungalows.

Куда поехать в Турцию на отдых 2024 с детьми

The hotel is conveniently located 60 km from Dalaman Airport. The property has a sandy beach, which is equipped with a safe entrance to the sea. Umbrellas and sun beds can be purchased for an additional fee.

If desired, the hotel offers enclosed bungalows on the beach, which is located 1.3 km from the hotel, so that parents can rock their child to a nap. You can get to the far beach by bus — for free.

The hotel has:

  • several bars for adults and children;
  • 2 outdoor pools with fresh water and without heating for adults with an area of 1200 and 700 sq.m.;
  • 1 indoor fresh water pool for teenagers with an area of 360 sq.m.;
  • 1 children’s outdoor swimming pool without heating with sea water with an area of 15 sq.m.

Children will also be interested in visiting entertainment programs in Russian, visiting a mini club, playing on the playground or relaxing on sun beds in the sea.

The Land of Legends 5*, Belek

The main feature of this hotel is a theme park for children, where their favorite cartoon characters live.

Once on the territory, children can go to the water park and ride water slides, visit attractions, carousels, swing on swings and stroll through the picturesque territory. It is located in the village of Kadriye, and consists of a 5-storey building with a number of 402 apartments.

Куда поехать в Турцию на отдых 2024 с детьми

If you want to travel to Turkey with children, choose The Land of Legends 5* in Belek

The rooms are designed in the style of cartoon characters — tables and banquettes will be pink, Spider—man on the walls, and animation from cartoons on the floor and ceilings. Everything has been done here to make children feel their advantage. To get to Rixos Belek Beach, you can use the shuttle service from the hotel from 14:00 to 18:00. Sun beds and umbrellas are free for guests.

Restaurants with menus are also tailored to the needs of children:

  • Eternia is a buffet restaurant, where you can find meat dishes, a diet menu and fruits.
  • Alabir is a Lebanese cuisine restaurant where dishes complement the authenticity of magical oriental delicacies. During the meal, you can often watch belly dancing, children’s performances and enjoy the mystical atmosphere in the circle of cartoon characters.
  • The Italian restaurant Piazetta will be more to the taste of parents. The elegant style meets with a warm atmosphere, and the Mediterranean cuisine evokes a strong appetite — seafood, salads, pizzas, desserts and drinks.
  • Nemo is a children’s restaurant of European and Asian cuisine, which has an aquarium on its territory. During the meal, you can enjoy the fauna of the marine world, meet the chef and listen to the music of the fish.

Куда поехать в Турцию на отдых 2024 с детьми

Nemo Restaurant, The Land of Legends 5*, Belek

There are 7 bars on site that prepare drinks only upon request of children. If adults want to drink coffee, there is a self-service counter. This approach is liked by parents whose children strive for independence. While the child is choosing, the mother will have time to drink coffee.

The pools are open daily according to weather conditions. There is 1 indoor Olympic swimming pool for children, which is equipped with heating and a porthole roof. From there you can get to the water park, which has more than 50 slides of different lengths and heights.

The Dry Park has dry pools for the youngest guests, and only teenagers can get into the Hyper Coaster. The height of the smallest slide is 63 m, and the speed can reach 110 km/ h, depending on the weight of the teenager.

In the evening, there are animation programs for those who are not tired yet and are going to rest until midnight.

After dinner, the hotel offers:

  • evening animation — clowns, artists on stilts, performances;
  • dolphinarium — a show with dolphins, the opportunity to ride with them or take pictures;
  • live music and disco;
  • attractions;
  • 5D cinema with new movies;
  • roller coaster with typhoons.

All services are provided free of charge, as the hotel operates on UAl packages.

Kemer Holiday Club 5*, Ulusoy

Where to go to Turkey to make a family vacation as convenient and comfortable as possible — in Kemer. The mountain clean air near the Mediterranean coast on the one hand, and the rocky terrain in the lowlands at the foot of the pine forest on the other, make this place a real paradise for nature lovers.

The Ulusoy Holiday Club Hotel operates with the UAl package, offering guests a relaxing but unforgettable stay.

Куда поехать в Турцию на отдых 2024 с детьми

The hotel is located 50 minutes away. a short drive from Antalya International Airport, it has its own sandy beach. Being on the first line, tourists can immediately note the accessibility of the beach, where sun beds, towels, umbrellas and awnings with tables are offered free of charge.

The pavilions are designed so that the pine forest is not damaged during construction — some trees are surrounded by buildings, and the roofs seem to embrace the crowns.

The territory is equipped with elevators for people with disabilities, a large swimming pool divided into 4 parts:

  • 50 cm depth for children under 2 years old;
  • 70 cm deep for schoolchildren;
  • 120 cm deep for teenagers and adults;
  • 2.2 m deep for those who like to jump into the water;
  • There is a separate water park with children’s slides at the entrance.

Куда поехать в Турцию на отдых 2024 с детьми

The restaurant occupies the largest area near the beach:

  • There are 4 wings in the room, where dishes of different cuisines are served;
  • the courtyard area is divided into smoking and non-smoking areas;
  • There are pavilions with local Asian and European cuisine on the terrace;
  • There is a separate sector for desserts, where there are mousse cakes, baskets of dough with creams, Turkish sweets and more.

The rooms in the houses are apartments located in 2 and 3-storey buildings. The ground floors of the double rooms are reserved for people with children — there is a private courtyard, a kitchen and a balcony.

At lunch, a children’s room opens with several programs:

  • a separate studio for creativity — animators do crafts with children;
  • cinema — children can watch cartoons in Russian and Turkish;
  • The labyrinth — an underground game center occupies more than 1000 sq.m.;
  • children’s playground with an enclosed courtyard;
  • swings for teenagers and children;
  • dance studio — you can learn to dance or participate in competitions;
  • volleyball court — you can play sports and play until noon;
  • Children’s aerobics is held in the pools.

Every evening before dinner, children can visit the outdoor park and visit the play area with animators who arrange tours of the hotel. In the form of pirates, they will seize territories, and then they will be treated to ice cream.

Every evening, the hotel organizes performances and themed parties. And 2 times a week they are dedicated only to children — after dinner, the territory is transformed into a real Disneyland.

Children can ride a bull, play sports and win bags of prizes. Inflatable slides and trampolines are installed for their leisure, next to which animators stand and monitor safety.

Turkey has long been considered a place where both adults and children will find entertainment to their liking. If you have no ideas where to go on vacation, how to choose a city, you can rely on guest reviews. Choosing a hotel with accommodation conditions for children of all ages, neither children nor adults will definitely be bored.

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How to organize a vacation in Turkey with children:


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