The stewardess revealed the “most diabolical” actions of passengers on board

Стюардесса раскрыла «самые дьявольские» поступки пассажиров на борту

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Flight attendant Cher Killough from Dallas, USA, warned the passengers of the planes against three actions on board. She shared her opinion in a video on the TikTok social network.

The flight attendant called the listed actions of the travelers “the most disgusting, evil and diabolical.” First of all, she asked subscribers never to leave bottles with any amount of liquid on the upper luggage racks. “Not only do other passengers’ bags get wet because of this, but water is also spilled on someone’s head,” she explained.

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Стюардесса раскрыла «самые дьявольские» поступки пассажиров на борту

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Стюардесса раскрыла «самые дьявольские» поступки пассажиров на борту

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Killough added that travelers should not board a plane if they feel unwell. She noted that when climbing, the condition deteriorates greatly and people begin to “feel uncontrollably sick.”

In addition, the stewardess warned male passengers against going to the toilet during turbulence. “First of all, it’s not safe, but that’s not even what I’m talking about,” the girl said. “I really don’t trust your sight when the plane is rocking back and forth.”

Earlier, the Polish pilot proposed to the flight attendant during the flight. He turned to his beloved on the speakerphone and caused the applause of the passengers.


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