What kind of real estate to invest in in 2024, other than housing? Expert advice

The choice of real estate for saving and increasing funds is wide. Apart from apartments, these are apartments, commercial premises, and offices. So what should I stop at so as not to lose? The advice offered by market professionals will certainly help.

В какую недвижимость инвестировать в 2024-м, кроме жилья? Советы экспертов

Before deciding on the object of investment, you should answer the question of what is more important to you: saving capital or income from activities. If we consider a capital preservation strategy, then it is worth investing in retail premises on main streets and Class A offices. There will always be demand for such low–margin conservative assets and premises, Maxim Dolgov, founder of the DA architectural workshop, is convinced.

If the purpose of the investment is to generate operational income, it is better to choose something that you can easily manage.

“Abstracting from the purpose of investment, the most interesting segments of real estate today are warehouse and distribution complexes, hotels, sanatoriums,” says Maxim Dolgov, noting, “the lowest threshold for entering buildings and premises of small historical cities. The tourist flow, which has increased significantly in recent years, is faced with a shortage of infrastructure facilities: restaurants, hotels, local shops. Therefore, any decent object quickly gets a sufficient market share.”

It is important, according to the expert, to understand that the smaller the object, the more difficult it is to set it up to generate profits without losing all revenue in working expenses. In the event of a change in market conditions, the asset may lose a lot in value.

Read more about the pros and cons of various investment options relevant in 2024, as well as entry thresholds, in our special review. Professional investors, realtors and two representatives of the Russian Guild of Managers and Developers gave their advice in this material.

Article on this topic March 7, 2024

Apartments, commercial premises, offices – the choice of real estate for saving and increasing funds is wide. We talk together with experts about the pros and cons of various options, as well as entry thresholds.

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