Russians most often book apartments in the Kaliningrad region

Travel planning service OneTwoTrip analyzed hotel bookings and found out in which Russian cities its customers often choose apartments. This type of accommodation is great for long trips with a family or a large company: there is usually a kitchenette, washing machine and other leisure facilities.

It turned out that apartments in the Kaliningrad region are the most popular. So, Svetlogorsk became the leader, where 43% of tourists planning a summer vacation prefer this type of housing; the average cost of a night there is 7,000 rubles. Zelenogradsk took the second place (the share is 42%, 6,500 rubles per day), and Kaliningrad took the third place (40%, 5,500 rubles).  

The top 10 cities for summer holidays, where Russians often book apartments, also include St. Petersburg (share — 27%, 6,000 rubles), Novosibirsk (25%, 4,500 rubles), Novorossiysk (24%, 4,600 rubles), Tyumen (23%, 3,900 rubles) Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (22%, 6,600 rubles), Yekaterinburg (21%, 4,500 rubles) and Kislovodsk 20%, 6,000 rubles).



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