The expert compared the prices of holidays in Turkey and Sochi

Эксперт сравнил цены на отдых в Турции и Сочи

Turkish premium hotels cannot be cheaper than Sochi ones, according to Aleksan Mkrtchyan, Vice President of the Alliance of Travel Agencies.

According to him, the news that summer holidays in premium hotels in Turkey will be 15-20% cheaper than in Sochi is one hundred percent fake.

“Of course, Turkish premium hotels cannot be cheaper than Sochi ones. Plus transportation. You can get to Sochi from Moscow by car, the family can get there. And in Turkey, for example, four tickets will cost 120-150 thousand rubles. This is the minimum price. Premium holidays in Turkey are more expensive, there is huge inflation, food prices and electricity prices have risen very much. They cannot keep prices low today,” he said.

According to him, a premium vacation in Sochi will cost 30-60 thousand rubles per day, which is close to Turkish prices, which can reach up to 150 thousand rubles per day.

“If you take an inexpensive vacation, there is no point in going to Turkey. But there you can find rooms at Russian prices — for five thousand per room. But only the flight is more expensive. Currently, 85% of Russians go to Turkey with four stars or higher. Russians do not buy very cheap hotels in Turkey. If we take a premium vacation, in Russia it will cost 30-60 thousand rubles per day for a regular room for two. In Turkey, a premium vacation also costs from 30 to 60 thousand rubles, but there are also more expensive ones when expensive alcoholic beverages are included in the all-inclusive system. Such a vacation will cost 100-150 thousand per day. We have in There are no hotels of this level in Russia. Therefore, premium holidays in Turkey are, of course, more expensive,” he told NSN.

Earlier, Honored Doctor of Russia, epidemiologist, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Onishchenko called the overload of Sochi resorts critical. He also noted that every year Russians bring viruses there from all over the country.


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