The amount that Russians are willing to spend on repairs has been named

Total amount Russians are willing to spend on home repairs

Названа сумма, которую россияне готовы потратить на ремонт

The average budget for the renovation of a new apartment, according to residents of the largest cities of Russia, is 1.65 million rubles.

As Izvestia writes, Kazan residents are ready to spend more than others. They invest 5.5% more than Muscovites for repairs, in which engineering communications do not need to be updated. In the capital of Tatarstan, the cost of repairing a new apartment is estimated at 2.3 million rubles against 2.18 million rubles in Moscow.

Interestingly, residents of megacities spend about the same budget on the transformation of future housing, regardless of whether they buy an apartment to live in or rent out.

Buyers consider the design project to be the most inexpensive stage of repair – Russians from million—plus cities are ready to pay an average of 194.8 thousand rubles for it. They plan to spend 255.3 thousand rubles on the disposal of outdated wallpaper, ceilings and floors, 302.8 thousand rubles on rough work, 404.1 thousand rubles on finishing. The largest item of expenditure is furnishing and equipping the apartment with appliances, the study participants put an average of 492.2 thousand rubles on it.

Earlier, the Free Press wrote that in Mortgage issuance in Russia has fallen by almost 40 percent.


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