Who Should Rid The Residents Of Cockroaches And Rats?

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Argumenty i Fakty Weekly No. 20. Decree to your house 15/05/2024

Cockroaches in the apartment and mice in the entrance, residents cannot cope on their own. Who should poison them in an apartment building and how often?

The elimination of cockroaches in an apartment lies with its owner, but if insects “walk” in public places (stairs, basements, ventilation, etc.), then it is already necessary to involve an organization that manages an apartment building, —

Кто Должен Избавлять Жильцов От Тараканов И Крыс?

lawyer Alla Georgieva explains. — CC, HOA, HBC — they are the ones who carry out professional disinfection in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. This also applies to the fight against mice and rats.

Management organizations are obliged to warn residents of the house about the time of harassment and precautions. Sanitary rules set deadlines for routine home examinations, but the SanPiN is of a recommendatory nature, therefore CC can install them themselves.


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