Finnish authorities propose to ban Russians from buying real estate

The working group of the Ministry of Defense of Finland proposed to limit the purchase of real estate by citizens of foreign countries that threaten security. As reported by Yle on May 17, this applies to Russians.

In the future, permission to purchase real estate will not be granted to citizens of countries that, in the opinion of the European Union, have violated the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of another state and may threaten the security of Finland. According to a press release from the Finnish Ministry of Defense, real estate transactions can jeopardize the security of supplies, the right of the state to self-determination and the ability of the state to protect the population.

They want to extend the ban to both individuals and legal entities. At the same time, it will not affect those who have dual citizenship and people with a permanent residence permit in Finland. The government will soon form a proposal for a ban.

Earlier, Finnish Defense Minister Antti Hakkianen said that he wants to completely ban Russians from buying real estate in Suomi. Prior to that, former Finnish President Sauli Niinisto spoke in favor of ending the issuance of dual Finnish citizenship to Russians.

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