Turkey has its own lobio salad, which started killing tourists

A traditional Turkish dish called lobio salad, known for its unique flavors and ingredients, has been gaining popularity among tourists.

В Турции появился свой салат лобио, который начал убивать туристов

Turkey has its own lobio salad, which began to kill tourists — at least, this is one version of the tragic incident in Izmir, as a result of which two minors died. According to Turkish media, the resort is investigating the mysterious death of two children — 14 and 12-year-old girls who came on vacation with their mother.

The details are as follows: a 34-year-old tourist with four children checked into the Olimpiyat hotel on June 21. As reported in the testimony of the tourist, in the evening she and the children ate canned tuna and a cake bought at the supermarket. In the morning, she felt unwell, woke up with nausea. The two girls mentioned also felt sick, but overall they felt good. As a result, taking the two remaining children, the tourist went to the pharmacy and to the hospital.

“The remaining two children, 14-year-old Eje and 12-year-old Handan, were in the room. Towards nightfall, the hotel administrator found them lying motionless on the bed: they were already dead,” the media wrote. The tourist went to her brother’s house after the hospital, because she still felt unwell. That’s where I found out that the children who stayed at the hotel had died.

One of the versions of what happened was domestic poisoning. So, just in case, tourists were warned that it is worth being very careful and not to buy anything that can quickly deteriorate in the heat.

Let’s also recall the Russian story with lobio. According to the results of distribution, the ready-made bean salad from Lokalkitchen LLC turned out to be “at the level” of chemical warfare agents. 369 people in several cities were affected by botulism-infected canned food. The first victim also appeared — a 21-year-old young man who contracted botulism in Nizhny Novgorod, where he ate a ready-made salad, died in the Kostroma region.


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