Russians named irreplaceable specialists during repairs

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Russians consider electricians to be the most indispensable specialists in repairs. The list includes electricians, plumbers, as well as specialists in heating and sewerage

70% of Russians who have renovated their apartments called electricians the most indispensable specialists. This is stated in a joint study of the services “Repair with Sberbank” and ” ” received by the editorial board.

More than 3.5 thousand respondents aged 18 and over from all regions of Russia took part in the survey, and several answers could be chosen.

The second place in terms of indispensability was shared by plumbers and specialists in heating and sewerage — they were named by 55% of respondents. The third position in the rating was taken by window installers (54%). The fourth place with an indicator of 48% was shared by tile makers and masters of stretch ceilings. Specialists in construction and installation works complete the top five of the rating, 46% of respondents named them.

The following are:

  • roofers — 41%;
  • industrial climbers — 38%;
  • finishing specialists — 34%;
  • insulation specialists — 28%;
  • facade specialists — 22%;
  • furniture assemblers — 16%;
  • interior designers — 13%;
  • cleaning specialists — 8%;
  • the other is 4%.

Polina Tsvetkova, project manager of the Repair with Savings Services service, believes that there is nothing surprising in the leadership of electricians and plumbers. After all, such works are difficult, and professional knowledge is needed for their high-quality execution.

According to a study by Sberbank Insurance and Repair with Sberbank Services, more than half of Russians (52%) who were not satisfied with the repairs made in 2023 in an apartment spent up to 50 thousand rubles on correcting errors and shortcomings. 17% of those who were not satisfied with the repair, the adjustment cost 50-100 thousand rubles, and 9% spent 100-150 thousand rubles.

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