Russia expects to launch charter flights with Senegal

Russia expects to launch charter flights with Senegal, there is such a possibility.

“The problem for our tourists is the lack of direct flights and rather expensive tickets… We hope that eventually at least charters will be able to fly here, because we have already had such an experience with the Gambia. Before covid, charters flew there, this direction was popular. I think that such opportunities exist, but we are hardly talking about regular flights yet,” the Russian Ambassador to Russia said in an interview with RIA Novosti Senegalese Dmitry Kurakov.

The diplomat noted that after establishing the tourist flow to Senegal, it will be possible to consider the possibility of Russian entrepreneurs building hotels in Dakar.

As previously reported by the Free Press, according to Sergey Romashkin, ATOR Vice President for Domestic Tourism, General Director of the Dolphin tour operator, the average cost of a summer tour in Sochi reaches 105 thousand rubles, while Anapa may be even more expensive — around 109 thousand.


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